What We Know About Britney Spears' $15 Million Book Deal

It was only a matter of time, really. Ever since Britney Spears was released from her 13-year conservatorship, she's been taking every opportunity to tell the truth of her story in her own words. So far, most of Britney's public opening-up has been on social media, via long statements on her Twitter and Instagram accounts. Many of these statements have been in response to what her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, wrote in her memoir — a lot of which Britney seems to vehemently refute. 

Now that she's free to speak her mind, it only makes sense that Britney would get an opportunity to write a memoir of her own. It goes without saying that everyone and their mom wants to get their hands on that book, which makes the pop star's eye-watering $15 million book deal (per People) seem almost modest. We're all eager to get to the good stuff, so here is everything we know about the book deal. 

There was a bidding war for Britney Spears' memoir

Britney Spears has signed an epic, $15 million deal with the publisher Simon & Schuster to write a tell-all memoir, after a bidding war between multiple publishers, according to Page Six. The gigantic sum makes it one of the biggest deals of its kind, an unnamed insider told the outlet, coming only behind the Obamas' memoirs. Having not been able to access her own finances for over a decade, it seems only right for Britney to earn a healthy chunk of change from her own story. 

Devoted Britney fans will know that the singer has been hinting at writing her own memoir for a while now. In one particularly intriguing Instagram post, she uploaded a picture of a typewriter with the caption, "Shall I start from THE BEGINNING???" Britney also recently posted to her Instagram a letter from Congress inviting her to speak about her experience under the conservatorship, though she said that at the time she was not yet ready for that kind of stage. 

It looks like Congress, and the rest of us, will have to wait for the book to come out to get the full story.