The Truth About Kanye West's Ban From SNL Has Come Out

Did Kanye "Ye" West take it too far? After weeks of Ye taking to social media to air his grievances with Pete Davidson for dating his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian, people are wondering if Ye has turned his problems with the "Saturday Night Live" actor into real problems with "SNL" itself, causing him to be banned from the show.

Ever since Kim filed for divorce from the "Stronger" rapper in 2021, fans have seen Ye attempt to win his ex back despite being in a relationship with Julia Fox at one time. Ye sent a truck full of roses to Kim, shared and deleted private messages between the two of them online, and shared photos from Kim's Vogue photoshoot with the caption, "God please bring our family back together," according to Yahoo! Life.

Yet, while Ye has taken to social media to try and get Kim back, he has also taken to social media to threaten Davidson. Obviously, the "SNL" actor's new relationship with Ye's ex does not sit right with Ye and he hasn't been shy about those feelings,  leading some to wonder if Ye was banned from "SNL" after his actions and threats against Davidson online.

Kanye 'Ye' West has not been banned from Saturday Night Live

Despite taking his anger out on "Saturday Night Live" cast members — most notably Pete Davidson — Kanye "Ye" West has not been banned from "SNL," per Us Weekly.

Rumors began swirling that Ye had been unofficially banned from the late-night comedy show due to his tirades against Davidson, as sources said Davidson is the "golden boy" on "SNL," and the bosses wanted to protect him. Now, according to Us Weekly, the rumors are not true and Ye hasn't been banned. Instead, the show is choosing to stay out of the drama.

Though Ye has an undeniable issue with Davidson, the "Kind of Staten Island" is not the only "SNL" cast member on the receiving end of Ye's social media attacks. On February 13, the rapper posted to Instagram offering to pay for "SNL" star Michael Che to leave the comedy show and to stop working with Davidson, per the Wrap. "I'll double whatever they paying you just so you don't have to look at that pawn ever again big love," Ye wrote to Che in a now-deleted Instagram post. Despite the offer, Che posted his own now-deleted social media post saying he wouldn't be taking the offer. "Sorry Ye, but I would never betray my friends for anything less than TRIPLE SALARY," he joked online. Now, with no ban against Ye — and as Kim and Davidson's relationship remains steady — maybe we will even see perform Ye on an upcoming episode of "SNL."