Kate Middleton Looks Gorgeous In A New Gray Ensemble

There's no doubt Kate Middleton is one of the biggest fashion icons of the 21st Century. The Duchess of Cambridge's simple elegance has inspired fans of the royal family ever since she wed Prince William in 2011.

On February 22, Kate arrived in Copenhagen, Denmark for her first solo tour abroad since 2017 when she traveled to Luxembourg alone, according to Vanity Fair. It's an exciting moment to see the mother of three step out in the public eye and hold her own as a representative of the royal family. The tour is also a highly anticipated display of Kate's signature fashion sense and thus far, her Denmark looks haven't disappointed. Her first look, a textured double-breasted red blazer, which Kate wore in subtle celebration of Denmark's flag colors, was actually an affordable piece from a popular global brand, Vogue reports. According to the outlet, the Duchess wore a $90 jacket by fast fashion brand Zara upon her entrance to Denmark, proving Kate's polished style is always leveled by her down-to-earth spirit.

The "Kate effect," as it's described by Marie Claire, has been a phenomenon over the last decade which occurs when fashion sales skyrocket as a result of Kate wearing a particular clothing item or accessory. As Kate wows her way across Denmark, the Kate effect may take full effect since she revealed her latest gorgeous ensemble.

Kate Middleton style is timeless

Kate Middleton appeared in a stunning gray ensemble for her meet-up with Danish monarchs Queen Margrethe II and Crown Princess Mary in photos published by People. During the meetings of royals, Kate wore a polished, long gray coat with an elegant black velvet collar and large buttons. The outlet reported that Kate's meeting holds a special significance with Queen Elizabeth II, as the two country's queens celebrate Platinum and Golden Jubilees this year, with Queen Elizabeth celebrating 70 years on the throne and Margrethe celebrating 50. At the time of Kate's Denmark trip, Queen Elizabeth is dealing with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, which has led her to cancel virtual engagements to get some rest, CNN reports.

Hello! pointed out Kate's gray coat ensemble is reminiscent of a look first worn by her iconic, late mother-in-law, Princess Diana. In 1984, Diana appeared at a visit to Barnardo's children charity. The style icon was photographed exiting a Jaguar wearing a Herringbone gray coat with a velvet collar, similar to Kate's gorgeous ensemble in Denmark. You know what they say: the more things change, the more they stay the same.