Investigators Have A New Theory About Bob Saget's Death

Bob Saget's sudden death came as a shock to not only fans of the comedian, but to his family as well. The "Full House" star was found dead in his hotel room a day after performing stand-up comedy, and appeared in great health before his death, which caused many to wonder what caused his untimely demise. As details about the cause of Saget's death emerged, his family filed a lawsuit to block further information about his death from being released, per CNN.

It was known that Saget died from head trauma suffered inside his hotel room, and this caused several medical experts to weigh in on what exactly killed the "America's Funniest Home Videos" star. On February 10, the Orange County Medical Examiner revealed in a report that Saget suffered multiple skull fractures, likely from falling backwards. "The head hits something hard and the skull fractures in different places including the orbits ... and that causes bleeding which compresses the brain," Dr. Roshini Raj, a professor at New York University, told People. It was also revealed that Saget had no illicit drugs in his system at the time. 

Another expert theorized that Saget had fallen twice to induce the multiple fractures. "So thinking about the physics that would be involved, it could be the case that Mr. Saget had two falls," Dr. Anthony Harris of HFit Health told The Sun on February 20. Later, investigators proposed another possibility surrounding Saget's death.

Bob Saget may have gotten up after suffering head trauma

One of the reasons several theories were spawned around Bob Saget's death was because the exact cause of death was not clear-cut. Curious fans were not the only ones flummoxed by the "Fuller House" star's sudden passing. "It's definitely an unusual case," a deputy for the Orange County Sheriff revealed to People on February 23. "There are still a lot of unanswered questions," they added.

Investigators believed Saget lost consciousness and subsequently fell backwards, hitting his head on the marble floor in the bathroom of his hotel room, as no blood was found on any end tables. Reportedly, authorities believe the comedian was able to stand back up after cracking his head. "Police believe that a groggy Saget regained consciousness and stumbled into bed, where he again lost consciousness and died," per People. What makes Saget's subsequent loss of consciousness extra-baffling is that he appeared fine following his final comedy show. "He was cracking jokes, waving to people in the lobby," a hotel employee told the magazine.

After the news broke that Saget died from head trauma, actor Dana Delany was frightened after she experienced her own accident. "I fell down some iron stairs head first (totally sober!) & all I could think of was poor Bob Saget," she wrote on Twitter on February 18. "I was afraid it was fractured but thankfully, no," Delany added. She was friends with Saget, so his death was fresh on her mind, per Page Six.

Some questions still remain

One of the most tragic parts of Bob Saget's sad death is how many questions still remain in the wake of his passing. Following the news that Saget died due to accidental head trauma, fans and news outlets alike have been scrambling to make more sense of how the beloved actor and comedian could have died so quickly under what appear to be such shocking circumstances.

The New York Times attempted to make sense of his death by speaking directly to neurosurgeons about the type of injury Saget is reported to have sustained in the wake of his autopsy, with Gavin Britz, MD describing is as "significant trauma" and "something I find with someone with a baseball bat to the head, or who has fallen from 20 or 30 feet." The outlet also claimed that those particular serious injuries may have been "more reminiscent of ones suffered by people who fall from a considerable height or get thrown from their seat in a car crash."

However, others have denied those claims, showing how difficult it could be to really determine what happened to the "Full House" star in his final moments amid theories from the police and beyond. Judy Melinek, MD went into detail about what likely happened to the star for Medpage Today on February 23, noting that "the injuries in Saget's autopsy are common in patients found dead at a scene after they have had a simple fall from standing height."

Bob Saget's loved ones continue to mourn

While it's only natural for fans to wonder about the circumstances that surrounded Bob Saget's death, his family and friends have continued to mourn the late star amid the public attention. On February 9, Saget's wife Kelly Rizzo took to Instagram to share a collection of several videos taken with her husband as she reflected on the first month passing since his death.

"Bob truly lived life to its fullest," Rizzo wrote in the caption of her heart-wrenching post. She shared touching memories of her husband and some of their experiences together in the caption, particularly noting how they enjoyed going out to eat together. "Experiencing simple pleasures in life like that brought him so much joy. I can't even put into words how much I will miss this," she added.

One of his daughters, Lara Saget, also appeared to reflect on her dad's life on Instagram. On February 15, she shared a touching poem about life and the importance of being kind to one another, with it reading in part, "I pray people find clarity, learn to love themselves, and to honor other human beings on this planet."

Our thoughts continue to be with the star's family during a such a sad time.