Queen Elizabeth Just Made A Major Change To Her Schedule Again

Queen Elizabeth II's COVID-19 diagnosis has completely changed her routine. On February 20, Buckingham Palace had announced that Elizabeth would still continue her "light duties at Windsor" despite having "mild, cold-like symptoms." And, while the palace had suggested that the queen's symptoms were mild enough that she could still continue her schedule as planned, which also included virtual engagements, her handlers ended up clearing her schedule for the rest of the week. "As Her Majesty is still experiencing mild cold-like symptoms she has decided not to undertake her planned virtual engagements today, but will continue with light duties," the palace said, per CNN.

While there's no doubt that royal fans continue to express their concern about Queen Elizabeth and her COVID-19 diagnosis, she has made another change to her schedule again, prompting even more people to wonder exactly what's going on behind closed palace doors. That, and many want to know what this means for the queen and the royal family's future, too.

Queen Elizabeth II has made even more cancellations to her schedule

Despite having just "mild, cold-like symptoms," People reports that Queen Elizabeth II has canceled all of her scheduled virtual meetings for the week. With that said, a spokesperson explained that, "Her Majesty is continuing with light duties. No other engagements are scheduled for this week." Now, what "light duties" entail, no one really knows, but it has been reported that the queen did take part in her virtual weekly meeting with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, according to CNN. It was also reported that the queen's COVID-19 diagnosis couldn't come at a more awkward time for Johnson, as he is reportedly lifting previous pandemic-related restrictions. 

At the same time, Buckingham Palace has revealed that other members of the royal family, including Prince William and Kate Middleton, will be traveling in the coming weeks, with several international royal tours scheduled, as detailed by Hello! If the royal family were really concerned about the queen's health, it's without a doubt that their travels would be postponed to a later date but, instead, the queen and the rest of the royals are seemingly moving forward with both their "light duties" and more.