Prince William Revealed The Sweetest Detail About Kate Middleton

Prince William and Kate Middleton are endearing themselves to the public. Not only do they regularly post the cutest snaps of their kids to their Instagram page, but they often share stories about life in the Cambridge household. It's little wonder that a member of the public felt comfortable enough to ask the couple about how the kids were doing while they were doing a walkabout in Wales, per People. Wills told a local woman that they were "very well" and proceeded to tell her about a tradition they have in their family. Wills said that Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are "always asking us where we are going." They then oblige their children and give them a geography lesson to boot. He shared, "We show them where we are on a map."

It's also this sense of ease around the royals that have some people not following protocols. The Express reports that Wills and Kate stopped by Nicky Hurts' cheese stand at the same market that day, the stallholder mistakenly called the duke and duchess "Kate" and "Will." Apparently, royal etiquette dictates that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are supposed to be called "Your Royal Highness" when they are first addressed. Afterward, one should call them "Sir" or "Ma'am." But, the couple took things in their stride and didn't falter at her mishap. Hurt revealed, "They were really relaxed." This grace also extends to their relationship, as Will recently complimented his wife in the sweetest way.

Prince William brags about Kate's hands

Kate Middleton and Prince William were in Wales to commemorate St. David's Day. The couple visited the country amid calls from the Welsh to make March 1 a bank holiday, per BBC. St. David is the patron saint of Wales, and a spokesperson, Tom Giffard, pointed out that the "people in Scotland and Northern Ireland have a bank holiday to celebrate the patron saints there, so now is the time for Wales to follow suit." He added that the holiday had "huge potential economic and cultural benefits." 

In the meantime, Wills and Kate braved the cold weather to meet the public. It seems as if the chilly weather came up and Will saw an opportunity to sneak in a compliment or two. The duke couldn't resist the opportunity to brag about his wife. "[Kate] has the coldest hands ever," he said, per People. "They say, 'Cold hands, warm heart.'" The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wed in 2011, but it seems that the fires between them are as hot as ever. And with three kids in tow, that's something worth bragging about.