Hilaria Baldwin Is Making A Huge Change To Her Lifestyle

No matter what controversy or social media storm she's in the middle of (and there have been quite a few), Hilaria Baldwin is known for boldly "posting through it" — as they say on the Internet — and never lets her social media presence falter. It's why it was so surprising to see the rather major lifestyle change she's prepared to make now, all of a sudden. 

The online firestorms Baldwin has faced over the past few years ran from the lightheartedly bizarre — like the revelation that she's not actually Spanish despite her relatively consistent Spanish accent, per Bustle, to the truly horrific shooting incident involving her husband Alec Baldwin, per People. Through it all, Hilaria has continued to update her fans and followers on her Instagram account on all the goings on in her family and her brain with a constant stream of baby pictures, memes, inspirational quotes, selfies, and yoga poses. Until, dun, dun, dun ... now!

Hilaria Baldwin is taking a social media break

That's right, folks. According to her Instagram post on March 4, Hilaria Baldwin is going to be taking a little break from social media for the time being — though she assures everyone that she will be back in due time. Taking the same tone you might use in the group chat, as is her style, Baldwin posted a block of text letting everyone know she'll BRB. 

"I love you all and know you worry, so want to give you a heads up," the yogi wrote. "I might check in from time to time, dropping you a photo, and letting you know we are ok." Baldwin finished her message by reminding her followers to "be good to yourselves" and wishing everyone "so much love and energy." From the sounds of this post, the Baldwins are either fleeing the country or Hilaria actually meant to send this to her anxious grandparents instead of her nearly 1 million followers. We're just kidding, of course. We love an influencer who takes her parasocial relationship as seriously as her fans!

It's also not the first time she's taken an Instagram break. Following the controversy about her apparently fake Spanish accent, she didn't post at all for the month of January 2021, eventually returning to the platform having spent the month "listening, reflecting, and asking myself how I can learn and grow."