Suzanne Somers Made More Money From ThighMaster Than You Might Think

Although most folks know Suzanne Somers as an actor, she hasn't had an acting credit since 2001. Known largely for her television work in shows like "Three's Company," where she played Chrissy Snow, or "Step By Step," where she starred as Carol Foster Lambert, Somers became a face households knew from her years-long run on both sitcoms. But just because she stopped acting doesn't mean she retired. In fact, Somers is known for her entrepreneurial spirit. Remember the ThighMaster? In fact, Somers told Entrepreneur that the ThighMaster is what she's best known for!

"I think it was the tagline: 'You just put it between your knees and squeeze,'" she told the magazine. "It was the right product, the right place, the right timing, the right spokesperson — the right everything. It was a perfect storm." Somers actually has a whole bunch of lifestyle offerings on her website, too, so we know she means business in the wellness industry. She even told Entrepreneur that they stopped advertising the ThighMaster, but that hasn't stopped sales. If Somers has been selling at-home muscle-building contraptions for two decades, she must have made a fortune by now, right? Right!

Suzanne Somers has sold 15 million ThighMasters

When the podcast "Hollywood Raw" spoke to Suzanne Somers about her iconic ThighMaster, co-host Dax Holt did a rough estimate of how much she has likely earned by now. Somers told them they have sold roughly 15 million ThighMasters, which means she has made nearly $300 million. Upon hearing that number, Somers said, "Yeah, but I spent a lot. You should see my clothes." She went on to explain that she originally had partners who were overspending so much that they couldn't afford to keep up as business partners, so now she owns the ThighMaster "outright."

In February 2020, Somers told "Good Morning America" that she "stopped counting" after she hit 10 million ThighMasters sold, which makes sense, as that is a lot of toned buns and thighs. "It's so dumb," she told "GMA." "And so simple. And so inexpensive, and does the job. That's why it sold. It delivered." Big shoutout to Somers for having a product on the market for so long that it still sells on its own merits. That's amazing! Plus it gives us an excuse to pull out those '90s lycra sweatsuits to work our glutes from the comfort of home.