Michael Cera Breaks Silence On Amy Schumer Spilling His Baby News

The loveable Michael Cera, a man who somehow hasn't aged since his "Arrested Development" days, does not crave the spotlight when he's not playing a character. He is known for being extremely private. People didn't even know he dated (and almost married) Aubrey Plaza until years later. Cera never even announced marrying his longtime girlfriend, Nadine. Fans only found out about it because the paparazzi spotted him wearing a wedding band, and an insider later told Us Weekly the details.

Needless to say when his new co-star "Life & Beth" co-star Amy Schumer accidentally told the media that Cera had a baby — it was awkward. Schumer accidentally brought it up while talking about her own kiddo in an interview with Cera on ET. "Michael has a baby, too," she told the outlet. "Is that public knowledge? ... I just outed him, I just outed his baby." Now, the notably private Cera is coming forward with a little more information about his new little one.

Michael Cera had a baby six months ago

After being outed as a dad on ET by Amy Schumer, Michael Cera only had a little bit to say. "We're right at the beginning of it," he said. "We're doing the very basics right now." Now that the cat is out of the bag — or the baby is out of the crib — Cera is opening up a bit about his new role as dad. In another co-interview with Cera and Schumer, this time with Extra, Cera said his little son is only six months old. He also mentioned that Schumer's documentary "Expecting Amy" was a film he really appreciated.

"Actually, watching Amy's documentary, I was just shocked to watch it," he told the outlet. "Like, I already had a very strong appreciation ... of what women go through, but, you know, you can only have a distant outsider, you know, appreciation for it." Now that we know a little bit — and we really do mean a little bit — more about Cera's little one, it's exciting to know that he is on this new journey as a dad. We hope little boy Cera someday gets all the inevitable "Juno" references.