How Is Pete Davidson Holding Up Amid The Kanye West Drama?

The Pete Davidson/Kim Kardashian/Kanye West drama simply will not stop. It all started when Ye, as he's now legally named, went a little wild on Instagram. He made a series of posts about his now officially single ex-wife and the "SNL" comic. Ye called Davidson's broken engagement to Ariana Grande into question, mocked his tattoos, and posted a screenshot of Kim begging him to leave Davidson alone.

Those posts have since been deleted, as has the subsequent apology Ye posted, per The Daily Mail. While Ye may have eased up on the social media posts about Davidson — at least for now — he hasn't stopped hounding the comedian in his music. He has also been busy promoting his new album "Donda 2" which references Davidson and Kim's relationship numerous times. On the single "Eazy," Ye sings, "God saved me from the crash just so I could beat Pete Davidson's a**"

To go along with the song, Ye released a music video to "Eazy" in March 2022 that depicts a claymation version of Ye beating and burying a claymation version of Davidson. So, yeah, it's been a lot. According to insiders, Ye's antics are starting to take a toll on Davidson and Kim.

Davidson and Kim are ready to move on

Despite the drama, Pete Davidson is doing his best to ignore Kanye "Ye" West and focus on his future with Kim Kardashian. "Pete is being as calm and cool as possible, but it's not a comfortable thing," an insider told People. "This is not his scene. He's a very cool and chill guy." Translation: Davidson is taking the high road. That isn't always easy, especially when someone is crushing claymation versions of you, but apparently, it's Kim who's the most upset right now.

"Kim's No. 1 concern right now is making sure that her children are protected from the situation," the source explained. "She is very angry about the violence and she just feels that it's inappropriate and wrong." Kim is concerned about more than just her children, though. She's also worried about Davidson. The fact that he's releasing violent music videos is very frustrating to her. "It's not fair to Pete or her what [Ye's] been doing," the insider added. "She's really upset with Kanye that he'd do this. She's completely over all of this and she wants it to stop."

Kim and Davidson are staying busy and looking towards the future. Kim spoke publicly about the romance for the first time in her March 2022 Variety interview. But, for now, they're happy keeping their relationship as low-key as possible. "I have not filmed with him," Kim told the outlet. "And I'm not opposed to it. It's just not what he does."