Cardi B Reportedly Quitting A Movie Last Minute Could Cause Her Serious Legal Trouble

Cardi B may be most famous for her huge hits and larger than life persona, but what you may not realize is that she also has ambitions on the big screen. The former "Love & Hip Hop: New York" star actually has quite a few impressive acting credits to her name, some of which you may not even know about.

The star first showed off her acting chops in the role of Mercedes for a single episode of "Being Mary Jane" back in 2017, and has since appeared alongside Constance Wu, Lili Reinhart, and main star Jennifer Lopez in the stripper drama "Hustlers" as Diamond. That's not all though, she clearly got the acting bug, and landed herself a role playing Leysa in the "Fast & Furious" movie "F9."

Cardi opened up about her experience on the "Hustlers" set in October 2019, admitting on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" that she was surprised by how much work actually went into making a movie. The "WAP" hitmaker admitted to the talk show host that she "enjoyed" her time working on the movie, but equally "couldn't believe that [she] was, like, on set for 16 hours" and had to do the same take "20 times."

DeGeneres then asked if Cardi planned to hit a movie set again, to which she retorted, "Oh yes, I am" and joked, "I like the checks."

But it seems like not even the check could keep her around for one project...

Cardi B's movie ditch

Cardi B has reportedly pulled out of a movie at the last minute — and could potentially face legal action.

Cardi was set to appear in the movie "Assisted Living," which was set to start filming in mid-March. However, Deadline reported the star decided she no longer wanted to be in the movie just a week before production was set to begin, with sources alleging she felt "overextended."

There was reported to be $30 million invested in the project, though it's now been scrapped by Paramount Players after Cardi's departure. Of course, pulling out a project so close to the start date is never really the best move, with the outlet claiming Cardi has now potentially left herself open to litigious issues because other abrupt exists are "often... followed by legal action."

As for whether it will come to that, fans will have to wait and see, though sources close to the situation admitted there's still hope this won't be the end of the movie and production could potentially regroup later in 2022.

Cardi doesn't appear to have spoken publicly about the career move, though she has hinted on social media that she may be focusing more on her music right now than acting in movies. Taking to Twitter on March 9, the star replied to a fan who asked her not to reply to the haters, "You right babes ...Imma let people have their fun ....Cause my next single is super pressure."