The Queen Is Missing An Important Royal Event

In news that probably won't do much to quiet down the rumors about Queen Elizabeth's health, Buckingham Palace issued an extremely vague statement on March 11 stating that the monarch would be missing an important royal event. But don't get out your tinfoil hats just yet. 

Queen Elizabeth hasn't been attending many in-person events in the past year due to some health concerns, which, of course, immediately set the internet on fire with speculation. In October 2021 she was seen walking with a cane, according to CNN, followed by a short hospitalization and bedrest. She also sprained her back and missed several events, including Remembrance Sunday. She was then diagnosed with COVID-19 in February 2022 (though she ultimately recovered). All of this culminated in a debunked conspiracy theory, initially reported by Hollywood Unlocked (via Slate), that the queen had actually died and the palace was just covering it up. 

Now, the queen is definitely still alive, but people are still worried about this latest announcement.  

The queen is missing Commonwealth Day for unspecified reasons

According to Buckingham Palace (via Royal Central), Queen Elizabeth will not be attending the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey this year — which is fairly shocking. According to Westminster Abbey's official website, the service celebrates the diversity of the Commonwealth and is one of the most important days of the year for the historic Abbey. As the Commonwealth's official head, it is tradition for the queen to attend, along with leaders and ambassadors from around the world. The queen has only missed the service once before, according to People, in 2013 due to an illness. 

If you were hoping for details from the palace on why she's missing the special day this year, we hate to disappoint you. Buckingham Palace's statement only said, "After discussing arrangements with the Royal Household, The Queen has asked the Prince of Wales to represent Her Majesty at the Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey on Monday. The Queen will continue with other planned engagements, including in person audiences, in the week ahead" (via Royal Central) 

Now, we can only wait and hope the queen is okay.