Thandiwe Newton Confirms What We Suspected About Chris Pines' On-Set Behavior

There's no shortage of Chrises in Hollywood (and sometimes it seems like they all happen to star in the Marvel movie franchise). It can feel a lot like Chris-mas with the likes of Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, and Chris Pratt on our screens. But even so, it's easy to see why fans get them confused. While not in the Marvel movies, Chris Pine headlined the blockbuster "Star Trek" films, and has been making waves in Hollywood ever since he first burst onto the scene in the aughts, per IMDb. Pine also co-starred alongside Israeli actor Gal Gadot in "Wonder Woman," which was a refreshing step forward for Hollywood thanks to its feminist themes, as High Snobiety pointed out.

Just as his role in the film implied, Pine has made no bones about the fact he's a staunch feminist himself. "A woman at the forefront naturally leads with ... compassion, and [is about] giving life instead of taking life," he said, speaking of Gadot in an interview with DuJour. "To have a strong woman who represents these qualities, I think we can start injecting this world with a little bit more of the ideology of compassion, love, and positive moral strength rather than something destructive." Pine is currently co-starring alongside Thandiwe Newton in "All The Old Knives," and the actor's recent interview confirms what we've suspected about Pines' on-set behavior all along.

Thandiwe Newton calls Chris Pine 'a sweetie' on set

Chris Pines' new movie with Thandiwe Newton, "All The Old Knives," hits theaters April 8 and centers on the story of two former lovers turned spies, according to IndieWire. It promises to be a captivating watch, especially since Newton has publicly said that she will only take on roles if they have "something to sink my f****** teeth into," per IndieWire. And for Pine, "the heart of [the film] is this love story," as he revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. As with any great love story, the film required intimate scenes, which is something that made Newton "nervous," according to Entertainment Tonight. "[Chris and I] had a really intense scene ... [that] was really important and required nudity and so on," she told the outlet. "And I just caught a glimpse of Chris at one point ... and I'm like, 'Oh, no, no. No." Thankfully, Pine "is such a sweetie," Newton added.

Though Pine didn't explicitly confess to nerves, it was the first time he had ever worked with an intimacy director, according to a Variety interview. "You're doing a sex scene in a bedroom and you have this older woman that's watching and giving you notes on how to do the sex scene and I'm thinking, 'Who is this person telling me to have sex?'" Pine laughed, though he called the whole experience "wonderful." Somehow, we're not surprised to hear that the actor was just as charming on-set as he appears to be in real life.