Micah Plath Did Not Hold Back For His 21st Birthday Bash

Micah Plath and his eight siblings grew up on a Georgia farm, where their Christian fundamentalists parents raised their children according to their strict beliefs. The family later became reality stars thanks to "Welcome to Plathville" on TLC. The network described the Plath family as "a blonde, blue-eyed family of 11" that shared "a passion for music, religion, family life, and traditional roles."

The U.S. Sun reported that the Plath kids were prohibited from eating sugar, joining social media, using computers, and watching TV. By Season 2, the family moved from the farm to a five-bedroom home worth $340,000, according to the outlet. It soon became apparent to viewers that it wasn't all copacetic in Plathville because the family was starting to fracture. According to Cheatsheet, after months of conflict, the Season 3 finale saw the oldest Plath son, Ethan, bid a final farewell to his estranged parents and head to new pastures.

Next, son Micah relocated to Los Angeles to pursue his modeling career. "What an adventure it's been so far! From adjusting to gas prices to making friends out here, looking at life with a different perspective, and realizing how small my home town was," he wrote on Instagram in November 2021. Micah's definitely making the most of living in the City of Angels and all it has to offer. He turned the legal drinking age on March 10, and Micah did not hold back for his 21st birthday bash.

Micah Plath lets loose for his 21st

Micah Plath celebrated his 21st birthday by gathering with friends and family for drinks and hijinks. Social media posts showed that everyone invited was in high spirits when a prank on the birthday boy took a hilarious turn. In a video clip posted to his Instagram, guests encouraged Micah to take a sniff of his cake, but Micah volunteered his brother Ethan Plath instead and pushed his bro's face into the frosting. "I got him so good, they told me to smell my cake, but I'm aware of the consequences, and then Ethan walks in and fell for it," Micah wrote under the silly video.

Micah remained the star of his birthday bash, as evidenced by the videos and pics shared from the evening, including a photo Micah's sister-in-law Olivia Plath posted on her Instagram Story of her brother doing a handstand and asking her followers to buy him shots. "thank you for being you!" Micah's sister Moriah Plath wrote to her brother in a birthday tribute post on Instagram, which saw Micah goofing off in a series of videos. "TIME TO PARTYYYYY!!!"

In addition to pranks and partying during Micah's celebration, many fans noticed there was filming equipment visible in some of the clips on social media, with a film crew lurking in the background. By the looks of it, "Welcome to Plathville" fans may get to see Micah's birthday shenanigans firsthand on the upcoming season of the hit TLC show.