Why A Royal Expert Believes Queen Elizabeth Is Unlikely To Ever Meet Lilibet

Lilibet "Lili" Diana Mountbatten-Windsor (named after both her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, and her late grandmother, Diana, Princess of Wales, made her grand entrance on June 4, 2021, weighing in at 7 pounds and 11 ounces. "On 4 June, we were blessed with the arrival of our daughter, Lili. She is more than we could have ever imagined, and we remain grateful for the love and prayers we've felt from across the globe. Thank you for your continued kindness and support during this very special time for our family," proud parents Prince Harry and Meghan Markle gushed in a statement on their nonprofit organization's official website

Sadly, little Lili will never have the chance to meet Diana but now one royal expert says he believes that it is unlikely that the tyke will ever meet either of her namesakes.

Prince Harry does not feel safe in the U.K.

If you're still waiting for a formal meeting between Queen Elizabeth and her great-granddaughter Lilibet, perhaps don't hold your breath while doing so. 

Royal expert extraordinaire Richard Fitzwilliams told The Sun that an in-person encounter between the two is now "unlikely," after it was confirmed that Prince Harry would not be attending a memorial service in Britain for his late grandfather, Prince Philip. YIKES. "I think this was expected because of the issue with security, obviously, he would have wanted to come if he could," Fitzsimmons said. "I think it's a great pity, what this means is it regrettable the rift will remain unhealed," he added.

As you may recall, Harry is in the midst of a lawsuit over security. "This claim is about the fact that the claimant does not feel safe when he is in the U.K. given the security arrangements that were applied to him in June 2021 and will continue to be applied to him if he decides to come back," Harry's attorney, Shaheed Fatima said in court on February 18, as reported by The Guardian. "And, of course, it should go without saying that he wants to come back: to see family and friends and to continue to support the charities that are so close to his heart. Most of all, this is, and always will be, his home," she continued. Well... there's always FaceTime, we suppose.