How Victoria Beckham Earned Nearly Half A Million Dollars From Music Without Singing

Although she now may be best-known for running her eponymous luxury fashion brand, Victoria Beckham first rose to stardom in the entertainment industry through her singing talents, as she was a member of the acclaimed girl group, the Spice Girls. The band gained global fame in the '90s through releasing girl power anthems like the hit track, "Wannabe," which sold 73,000 copies during the first week of its release, per BBC News.

In 2021, Beckham revisited the Spice Girls when she was interviewed on "Good Morning America" and asked whether she'd join the group if they did another reunion tour. "I think the Spice Girls was such a big success and something I enjoyed so much, but I think my times of singing on stage are behind me," she said. "For me now, focusing on fashion and beauty ... that's my passion," she added.

Although she isn't currently singing and has no plans to return to the stage any time soon, Beckham earned a total of £430,000 from music in 2020, The Sun reported. This calculation has left many people curious as to how Beckham can be collecting this sum without singing.

Victoria Beckham receives earnings from her previously recorded music

Victoria Beckham, who gained the nickname Posh Spice while she performed as a member of the Spice Girls, is still reaping the rewards of the band's success. As The Sun wrote, Beckham received £430,000 in 2020 as a result of the rights she has to the back catalogue of her Spice Girls contributions. This converts to over $478,000 in U.S. currency, via XE

In addition, when the girl group went on a 2019 reunion tour, Beckham decided not to participate, but still received almost £1million for the tour, or more than 1.1 million U.S. dollars. Through her Spice Girls deal, she had the rights to 20% of the tour's merchandising, licensing deals and endorsements, which is how she earned the money.

Although Beckham has gained money in recent years from her Spice Girls deal, these sums are paltry in comparison to her total net worth in combination with her husband, David Beckham, which stands at $450 million, per Celebrity Net Worth. Rather than solely focusing on earnings, however, the former singer's successful career has maintained the goal of helping others feel good about themselves. In a 2018 interview for the Forbes Women Summit, she said, "Whether it's through music or with fashion ... I really do want to make women feel good and strong and powerful." Through all of her professional endeavors, Beckham has certainly embodied and perpetuated female empowerment.