How Tall Is Chris Kattan?

If you ever watched Chris Kattan during his years on "Saturday Night Live," or have seen him in movies like 1998's "A Night at the Roxbury", 2001's "Corky Romano," and 2017's "Sharknado 5: Global Swarming," then you'll know that his comedic performances use a few different tactics to keep audiences entertained. For instance, he takes full advantage of his seemingly unabashed nature, his quirky delivery, and full-out approach to physical comedy. That's actually how he ended up doing some scary damage to his body.

In 2017, Kattan revealed he had experienced a serious injury in the past while competing on "Dancing with the Stars." Two years later, he revealed in his memoir, "Baby Don't Hurt Me: Stories and Scars from Saturday Night Live," that he had actually broken his neck when he fell and hit his head while working on "SNL" back in 2001. "The impact that my injury and subsequent surgeries had on my career was immense," he reflected in his book, per Variety

While this might leave you wondering a few things, like what Kattan has been up to since he was hurt and how the injury might have changed his approach to physical comedy (or not), it might also leave you focused on his physical form and wondering how tall he really is.

Chris Kattan is shorter than average

In order to have a little context when it comes to Chris Kattan's height, you should probably know that the average man in the United States stands at 5-foot-9, according to Healthline. While it might be obvious to anyone who has seen Kattan stand with others that he tends to be on the shorter side, it turns out that he's four full inches shorter than the average at 5-foot-5, per Celeb Height Wiki.

Kattan's height was actually something he brought up during his time on "Celebrity Big Brother," via Reality Titbit. When he met fellow star and former NBA player — not to mention Khloé Kardashian's ex — Lamar Odom on "CBB," Kattan got a little cheeky about the difference in how tall they were, asking Odom, "What are you? Are you 9 feet 10?" While the past basketball player responded in a cheeky manner by saying that he's in fact "10 feet 9" inches tall. Odom is actually 6-foot-9 if you're curious.

Of course, not everyone is as tall as Odom, and there are actually a few other stars who are around the same height as Kattan if not shorter.

Chris Kattan isn't the only shorter comedian

While being tall, dark, and handsome can surely be beneficial, there are quite a few reasons why being on the shorter side happens to be fabulous, according to HuffPost. On top of that, you certainly don't have to be tall to make it big in Hollywood. Just like Chris Kattan, there are quite a few famous figures who happen to be shorter than the national average.

Kattan's fellow comedic actors Kevin Hart and Rob Schneider stand at is 5-foot-2 and 5-foot-3, respectively, according to Best Life. That's not to mention celebs who are the same height as Kattan like Daniel Radcliffe and Bruno Mars as well as only slightly taller but still below average Jon Stewart (5-foot-6), Elijah Wood (also 5-foot-6), and Tom Cruise (5-foot-7), per Insider.

Clearly, size isn't always connected to success in a career. Indeed, Kattan's professional motivation was initially sparked by something that had nothing to do with how big or small he was and goes all the way back to his childhood in a Buddhist community where he was often on his own, according to the Herald-Tribune. He explained, "I didn't have other kids to play with. ... I was encouraged to make the most out of very little. I had to learn to love being with myself and I needed to be creative to entertain myself. To this day I love being with me." Kattan's confidence clearly stands above the rest!