Jamie Lee Curtis Revealed The Unique Way She's Officiating Her Daughter's Wedding

Jamie Lee Curtis has dominated Hollywood for over forty decades as one of its most prominent A-list actors. As the daughter of the iconic scream queen Janet Leigh, Curtis' major debut was in the critically acclaimed horror film "Halloween." Since that day, the 63-year old has shined in films like "Freaky Friday", "Knives Out" and "Scream Queens".

Alongside her Hollywood icon status, Curtis has also shined as a dedicated mother of two. Recently, she has been praised for her allyship and support of her transgender daughter Ruby. In July 2021, she opened up about her daughter for the first time during an interview with AARP. After praising Ruby for her transition, the "Trading Places" actor revealed that her daughter was also engaged. "She and her fiancé will get married next year at a wedding that I will officiate," she said. Fast forward to 2022, and Curtis has given fans more insight regarding Ruby's upcoming nuptials, including its creative theme.

Jamie Lee Curtis heads to the World of Warcraft universe

During Jamie Lee Curtis' March 22 appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," the 63-year-old actor revealed that she would be officiating Ruby and her fiancé's wedding in World of Warcraft cosplay. "Ruby and Kynthia picked my costume which — her name is Jaina Proudmoore," she explained. After getting assigned the outfit, Curtis said she headed to Etsy to get the ensemble. "[I] wrote 'Jaina Proudmoore costume' and up came a woman [who] had the costume." However, the "New Girl" star went on to say that recently her costume hit a snag due to the ongoing "supply chain issue" in Russia. "I got an email from her. She said 'There may be a delay,'" she said. "The costume is coming from Russia. She is a seamstress in Russia."

Even with a potential costume hiccup, the Archer star's excitement for her daughter's wedding hasn't faltered. "We're gonna have a beautiful picnic in the backyard. I'm really excited," she exclaimed. "Both my children will have been married in my backyard." 

Curtis' interview comes a few months after she and her daughter sat down in October 2021 to discuss the latter's coming out process. "It was scary — just the sheer fact of telling them something about me they didn't know," Ruby told People. Curtis also opened up about the lessons she's learned and revealed that she's become more mindful of what she says. "You slow your speech down a little. ... You still mess up, I've messed up today twice. We're human," she said.