Kim Kardashian Reveals The Style Trend North West Desperately Wants Her To Ditch

North West is really her parents' daughter. Kim Kardashian and Kanye "Ye" West's 8-year-old kid continues to prove that she's a fashionista in the making.

In February, the SKIMS founder revealed that North helped style their Vogue shoot. "Styled by North," she wrote in a post, along with a series of photos of the family wearing clothes handpicked by North herself. Kim donned an all-denim jumpsuit and white gloves, while Saint wore a green Kawasaki shirt and purple jeans. Meanwhile, Chicago rocked a jersey shirt, pink shorts, and a pair of matching pink cowboy boots, Psalm with a blue flannel and cargo pants, and North sported ripped jeans and a white shirt.

In an interview on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" in September 2021, Kim described North's unique taste in fashion. "All my kids are so different. North is like goth — she's into Hot Topic," she said. "She puts fake tattoos on her face, and she listens to Black Sabbath, and she's just like a full goth girl." But it looks like the 8-year-old has had a change of heart, because now, she's apparently no longer a fan of black and balks at Kim whenever she chooses to wear the color.

North West is 'very opinionated' when it comes to Kim's style

Like father, like daughter. Kim Kardashian just revealed that her daughter North has a lot to say with regards to her sartorial choices. In an interview with Vogue, the mom of four shared that at times, North can be her biggest critic, especially when she wears a lot of black clothing.

"North is very opinionated when it comes to what I'm wearing," she said. "She'll always complain when I'm wearing too much black. I showed up at her school on Valentine's Day wearing head-to-toe pink, and she got so excited she ran over and hugged me. [Of course] she opened my coat, saw the black lining, and says 'Mom, you're still wearing black.'"

Kim has always said that out of all the people in the world, North intimidates her the most. "I was going to say politicians, but they don't," she told journalist Bari Weiss in a December 2021 interview. "Maybe just my daughter, North." She also previously revealed that North is an interior design critic, too, often telling her mom that she does not like their house. "Every time I get into some kind of disagreement with my daughter North, she thinks this is a dig to me: She'll say, 'Your house is so ugly, it's all white! Who lives like this?” she shared on Ellen DeGeneres' "Mom Confessions" web series. "She just thinks it, like, gets to me, and it is kind of mean because I like my house."