People Think This Is One Of The Most Underrated Actors In Hollywood

Kristen Stewart has made it no secret that portraying Princess Diana in the biopic "Spencer" has made her want to revisit the story again. While the Hollywood star is known for roles in the "Twilight" franchise and "Snow White and the Huntsmen," she's never quite tackled a project like this before. She even told Gold Derby in an interview that "Spencer" script fell in her lap at just about the right time. "If I played her at a different time in her life, it would be different," she admitted.

Of course, many critics have often noted that actors like Stewart have always been good at their craft, but maybe just not as good as the Hollywood A-List crowd that seem to get all of the invites to the red carpet events during awards season like Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Sean Penn, Leonardo DiCaprio, and so on. In fact, Nicki Swift recently conducted a survey of who fans believe are some of the most underrated actors in the biz — and yes, that list includes Stewart, too.

Chris Pine and Kristen Stewart don't get the attention they deserve

According to a survey conducted by Nicki Swift, 34% of 557 respondents believe that Kristen Stewart is the most underrated actor in the entertainment industry. However, that doesn't come as a surprise to her fans, especially after she received her first-ever Oscar nomination for her role as Princess Diana in the film "Spencer." Even Deadline's Pete Hammond praised the "Twilight" alum for her portrayal as the Princess of Wales. "I can't say enough about Stewart's performance, steering from an impression of an impossibly well-chronicled figure to beautifully achieving the essence of who she was," he wrote.

In addition to Stewart, another 28% said that Chris Pine could sure use more recognition in Hollywood, while 19% said Sebastian Stan. As many fans probably already know, Stan has been getting a lot of attention for his nearly identical portrayal of Tommy Lee in the Hulu limited series, "Pam and Tommy." 17% also said that Emmy Rossum deserve more praise than she's been getting as well. With Stewart leading this pack and finally getting a well-deserved nod from the Academy Awards, we have a feeling that it will be no time before this crop of actors begins following her footsteps on the red carpet during award season.