The Truth About Tom Selleck's Kids

Tom Selleck has been in the spotlight for over five decades, and he's sure transformed since his early appearances on "The Dating Game" in the mid-1960s. After nabbing his classic role in "Magnum P.I." in 1980, he — and his famous mustache – solidified their place in Hollywood. As one of the biggest TV hunks of the '80s, Selleck amassed an impressive net worth, but his marriage to his second wife, Jillie Joan Mack, soon took precedence.

Selleck saw and fell in love with Mack while she was performing in a 1983 London production of "Cats," and they tied the knot in 1987. The following year, they welcomed daughter Hannah who joined Selleck's adoptive son, Kevin, from his first marriage to Jacqueline Ray. It was around 1987 that he quit "Magnum P.I." to focus on his growing family. As he told People in 2020, he's "a fairly private person" who has "always treasured the balance between work and time with my family." At the end of the day, "it's always about them" and so, he quit the series to focus on them and enjoy a "three-dimensional life." That penchant for privacy is a trait he seems to have shared with his kids, who have largely stayed out of the limelight. Here's everything we know about Tom Selleck's two kiddos.

Hannah Selleck's parents encouraged her to find her passion

Hannah Selleck has been riding horses since the age of 4, and she has her parents to thank for discovering her passion. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, she shared how they "encouraged me to try all different things," but never pushed her to pursue something she didn't enjoy. Soon, ballet and horse-riding took center stage, and at 14, she chose to focus on the latter as "my love was with the horses." Her parents were all for it because "they just wanted me to find something I was passionate about. They wanted me to find my love and pursue that," she explained.

However, while she pursued her amateur horse-riding career, Hannah also studied communications at California's Loyola Marymount University. It wasn't until she graduated in 2011 that she realized she wanted to be a professional rider instead. Again, her parents were on board. As she told Palm Beach Illustrated, after graduation, "my father said he would help support me," but there was a condition: "I had to turn professional, letting go of my amateur status, and work for top professionals in the sport in order to learn my craft." That's exactly what she did, and it helped her find happiness — and validation. Noting that her parents tried to "raise me as normally as possible, given my dad's line of work," she shared how riding has "been a great way for me to have my own accomplishments outside of whatever my parents had done."

Hannah is an award-winning equestrian with a side hustle

Hannah Selleck began competing at the age of 10, and she's since become an award-winning international show jumper. She won her first gold medal at the 2008 North American Junior and Young Rider Championships and went on to numerous Top 10 finishes in grand prix events across North America and Europe. However, riding isn't her only equine passion. In 2010, Hannah launched Descanso Farm, which Equestrian Living calls a "boutique breeding and training operation." As she explains on the farm's website, she "recognized an opportunity and a need for top quality hunter/jumper sport horses produced within the United States" and seized it.

Dad Tom Selleck was all for it. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Hannah shared how he "encouraged it a lot" because "he liked the idea of developing the babies and developing young horses." In fact, it seems he was the one who sparked the idea in the first place. Hannah won her first grand prix back in 2010 while riding a horse named Tosca van het Lambroeck. When Tosca retired, it was the actor who asked her, "Why don't you try and breed her and produce your own [future mount]?" That's exactly what Hannah did, and she hasn't stopped breeding horses since. "We want to show that we can produce horses in the States," she told Equestrian Living. Explaining her mission, she added, "We don't want to just get the horse to the ring quickly; I want to make it right so that it has a long career."

An accident nearly forced Hannah Selleck to give up her passion

Hannah Selleck is an award-winning rider, successful entrepreneur, and occasional model, but while she swears "horses will always be part of my life," she was almost permanently sidelined from competing due to a nasty fall. Speaking with Palm Beach Illustrated, Selleck revealed that she's had "many" broken bones over the years, but that she never required surgery — until 2018. While competing in Calgary, Selleck's horse failed to make its jump, instead turning unexpectedly. Her magnetic stirrups should have automatically released but didn't, and her foot became stuck. The result was a broken tibia and fibula, which required six hours of surgery and months of rehabilitation. As Selleck shared with Modern Luxury Palm Beach, her recovery wasn't guaranteed, and "being told that I might not run again was pretty intense."

However, she needn't have worried, as she was able to return to competing in 2019. During her seven-month absence, she did traditional physiotherapy and also "worked with an energy healer" doing "a lot of guided meditations and visualizations." She shared how she'd imagine herself and her horse "in a protective white light" and it worked: During her first competition back, she placed second. "I consider myself to be very lucky with injuries in this sport," she told Palm Beach Illustrated. What's more, being forced to take time off had a silver lining. "For the first time, I feel like it's given me more balance in life," she explained, noting how athletes "always have goals and sometimes we forget to enjoy life."

Kevin Selleck had a tumultuous career

Kevin Selleck (born Kevin Shepard) lives far from the spotlight these days, but he did once try to follow in his dad's footsteps and become an entertainer. In 1987, he landed his first and only acting role opposite Tom Selleck in "Magnum, P.I." The episode was titled "Infinity and Jelly Doughnuts," and Kevin played the character of Grandson, per IMDb. He then turned his focus to music, and in 1993, he helped start a rock band called Tonic. While Kevin played drums, Emerson Hart was on vocals and Jeff Russo was on guitar, and the trio released their debut album, "Lemon Parade," in 1996. It was a success and soon went platinum. What's more, according to the band's website, one of its tracks, "If You Could Only See," actually became the most-played rock song of 1997.

Kevin was reportedly "stoked" by the response, and, as an insider told RadarOnline, was happy that "things seemed to be breaking his way." However, his euphoria was short-lived. That same year, Kevin left the group after reportedly fighting with one of his bandmates. He tried to start a new band and even wrote a song called "Eyes of Sand" for the "Scream 2" soundtrack, per IMDb, but as an insider told RadarOnline, he "had trouble re-launching his career" and eventually "dropped off the face of the music scene." Meanwhile, Tonic recruited a new member and went on to sell over 4 million records and snag two Grammy nominations. They're still touring and recording to this day.

Kevin Selleck's various struggles

Kevin Selleck has battled his share of demons. As RadarOnline learned in 2016, Tom Selleck and Jacqueline Ray's son was a troublemaker as a teen, and when he was just 15, his mom was reportedly about to send him to "a boarding school." He appeared to turn things around for the better and eventually attended the University of Southern California, but he soon found himself battling alcohol addiction. At 22, he sought help at the Betty Ford Center and got sober, but was hit with financial struggles. In 2011, a credit card company took Kevin to court over unpaid bills and won a $6,000 judgment. As one insider told the outlet, "No matter what Tom's done for him, Kevin can't find his way." Adding that "things can't seem to get on track for Kevin," they claimed that "Tom's tried money, advice, and letting Kevin find his own way" but "nothing seems to work." 

However, despite these bleak reports, Hollywood Life reported in 2021 that Kevin is now in a better place and is a married man and father of six. It's a sentiment echoed by Tom Selleck's rep who told RadarOnline that Kevin is "a very hard-working family man with six children" and that the "struggles he had in his youth are far behind him."

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