Beyoncé's Oscars Performance Had A Hidden Guest Star

Beyoncé has always been one to make her loved ones her collaborators. After all, some of Bey's biggest hits, like "Crazy In Love" and "Drunk In Love," feature someone she's in love with — her husband, rap mogul Jay-Z.

Since becoming a mother, Beyoncé has also welcomed her family into her shine as a music legend. Beyoncé and Jay-Z's daughter, Blue Ivy, has made standout appearances alongside her mother. Whether it's her red carpet appearances or courtside hangouts with her A-list parents, Blue Ivy's sass has always captivated the attention of the Beyhive. Meanwhile, the famous daughter's talents have also been spotlighted in Beyoncé's work as an artist.

Blue Ivy was notably featured in Beyoncé's acclaimed 2019 live album, "Homecoming," offering her vocals on "Lift Every Voice And Sing." Blue Ivy's presence as an entertainer further stood out to Beyoncé's fans through her involvement in the album "The Lion King: The Gift," which accompanied the release of the reimagined Disney film in 2019. Blue Ivy can be seen scene-stealing in Beyoncé's music video, "Spirit + Bigger." At the 94th Academy Awards on March 27, Blue Ivy made her Oscars debut as a hidden guest star in Beyoncé's ceremony-opening performance.

Blue Ivy upstages Beyoncé during Be Alive performance

Beyoncé kicked off the Oscars on March 27 with a show-stopping live-streamed performance of her song "Be Alive," for which Beyoncé earned her first-ever Oscar nomination. Always the innovator, Beyoncé took her performance from the Oscars stage to a tennis court in Compton to emulate the setting of the film featuring "Be Alive," the biopic about Venus and Serena Williams' father, "King Richard," per TMZ. While Bey's vibrant tennis court performance has already won her praise, it was Blue Ivy's moves among the dancers that has everyone talking.

"Blue Ivy is so generous to let Beyoncé share the stage with her," one fan joked on Twitter, sharing a screen grab of Blue Ivy front and center during the performance. "Look at Beyoncé's manager SHOWING YOU ALL HOW IT'S DONE!!" another fan on Twitter teased, adding, "That's my Queen BLUE IVY."

Among those raving over Blue Ivy's guest spot on stage, many fans applauded Beyoncé's daughter for her remarkable performance skills. "Did y'all see BLUE IVY getting in her eight counts?!!" one Twitter user wrote, posting a video of Blue Ivy slaying her choreo. Others even suggested Blue Ivy upstaged her mama. "No cause why Blue Ivy eat Beyoncé up like that," one fan wrote. As they say: like mother, like daughter!