The Star Who Stole The Oscars Without Even Being There

The Oscars — a night to see and be seen. There is one thing we know, and that is that anyone who is anyone in Hollywood will be at the Oscars even if they aren't nominated. At the 2022 Academy Awards, we were blessed with a shirtless (but suited) Timothee Chalatmet and some very uncomfy comments from Regina Hall about Will Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

Even some of the stars who weren't able to make it to this year's Oscars made a big splash. Harvey Weinstein, for one, was the subject of a killer Wanda Sykes joke, per the Independent. The host, who filmed an additional segment before the show, toured the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures and, upon seeing an Orc (a monster from "Lord of the Rings”) exclaimed, "Hey, Harvey Weinstein."

It's safe to say the Academy isn't missing this disgraced producer very much, but the ceremony did definitely feel the absence of another star. But, even though he wasn't there in person, Chris Evans stole the show in a major way.

Chris Evans' appearance led to a some questions

Unfortunately, Chris Evans was not able to attend this year's Oscars in person — but he did make an appearance. Evans popped up via video to wish Best Supporting Actor winner Troy Kotsur congratulations. "Congratulations, Troy Kotsur, on winning Best Supporting Actor. What an incredible celebration of movies," Evans said. "And now I'm very excited to share a special look at my new movie 'Lightyear.'" As promised, a trailer for Evans' upcoming film rolled after his little speech.

It is unclear why Evans wasn't in attendance at this year's Oscars. Even though he wasn't nominated, he's definitely a big enough star to warrant an invite. Nonetheless, if the tweets that began trending after Evans' brief promotional appearance were any indication, he still managed to steal the show. "CHRIS EVANS SHOWED UP AT THE OSCARS I AM CRYING," tweeted a fan. "@ChrisEvans don't make no damn sense how gorgeous that man is," tweeted another.

Evans only briefly popped up to promote his new film "Lightyear," a Pixar production about Buzz Lightyear. Among the many "Chris Evans on the Oscars OMG" tweets, there were also a few more than fair questions from his fans. "I'm confused can someone pls tell me if they prerecorded that Chris Evans bit? how did they know who was gonna win?" one fan asked the Twitter void. We don't have an answer to that, but we sure were happy to get a peek at Evans, regardless of when he recorded the vid.