The Queen Proves She Isn't Ready To Totally Cut Off Prince Andrew

Clearly no amount of scandals, controversies, lawsuits, and negative headlines can change the way Queen Elizabeth thinks about her family. Despite all of the drama surrounding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's decision to leave London, the queen has video calls with the Sussexes in Los Angeles, according to People. Prince Charles also remains by his mother's side even though his charity could be in hot water over serious allegations, and Prince Andrew, who probably has made the most headlines this year because of his civil sexual assault case, has apparently been making secret visits to the queen at night, per Page Six. However, Queen Elizabeth did slap Andrew with some severe consequences back in January by stripping him from his military titles and royal patronages. A statement from the palace at the time said (via Variety): "The Duke of York will continue not to undertake any public duties and is defending this case as a private citizen."

While the queen herself is not one complain, explain or ascertain anything, a lot of royal observers believe that her latest move proves that she's not ready to totally cut off Prince Andrew just yet.

Queen Elizabeth insisted on having Prince Andrew by her side

According to People, a lot of royal fans were surprised to see Prince Andrew by Queen Elizabeth's side at Prince Philip's memorial service. Sources say that the queen "insisted" on having the Duke of York there, despite the fact that his case settlement with Virginia Giuffre was in the headlines back in February. Despite a lot of people raising their eyebrows over the matter, royal commentator Robert Jobson said this move "shows she wholeheartedly loves and believes her son." Jobson also said that it made sense for Andrew to be with his mother since he currently doesn't have a partner. That, and he pointed out that the queen "has faith in Andrew." He added, "Even if he disappears from public life, he's been able to pay tribute to his father, who after all, was very proud of his service in the Royal Navy."

However, two people who were not at the memorial service were Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Royal expert Victoria Arbiter told Honey that while the queen isn't someone who holds a grudge, "it would be better for Prince Harry to make his peace now as opposed to living with a lifetime filled with potential regret." Now, whether Prince Andrew has made that same peace with his mother, his family, or himself has yet to be seen.