John Stamos' Last Text From Taylor Hawkins Is Truly Chilling

"Full House" star John Stamos has suffered a few great losses in 2022. When his famed "Full House" co-star, legendary comedian, and nearly lifelong buddy Bob Saget passed in January, Stamos was gutted. Writing on Instagram at the time, he expressed his profound inability to say goodbye to his friend who was so full of life. "I'm not ready to accept that he's gone – I'm not going to say goodbye yet," he captioned his post. "I'm going to imagine him out there, still on the road, doing what he loves with all his heart and humor." 

Now Stamos is dealing with another blow: the untimely passing of his friend, Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins. On March 25, the popular rock band shocked the world by announcing Hawkins' sudden death while they were on tour in South America. The band has since canceled all remaining tour dates while they grieve and come to grips with the loss of their long-time bandmate and friend. 

Stamos is now sharing the last text message his friend Hawkins ever sent him, and we can't help but notice how eerie it reads today.

Taylor Hawkins sent John Stamos a "before we die" text message

Taking to Twitter on March 26 after the news of Taylor Hawkins' death broke, John Stamos shared the last text message the Foo Fighters drummer ever sent him. According to Stamos, Hawkins wrote, "Ya We've yet to fully have a hang – Got a put that s**t together before we die." Moved by the Nostradamus-like prophecy, Stamos called his late friend's message wise and added how sad it made him. "Another one gone too soon."

Stamos didn't stop at Twitter. He also posted to his official Instagram account on March 29, sharing a video filmed by Hawkins himself, where the late drummer speaks directly to the camera, light-heartedly ripping the "Full House" star for his role as Geico spokesperson. Calling Stamos a good friend and fellow drummer (Stamos famously drummed for The Beach Boys in "Kokomo"), Hawkins joked that the Geico commercial where he "flips the stick" was a role Stamos stole from Hawkins. "I'm a little upset with him, actually, I've got to be honest with you because I was supposed to do that Geico commercial ... where he flips the stick. That was mine," Hawkins said, tongue in cheek. "I'm the best stick flipper around." Stamos used the IG caption to agree with his late friend and hashtagged it with a lament that his buddy was gone too soon.