What We Know Of William And Charles Reported Plans For Prince Andrew's Future

Queen Elizabeth has started to pave the way for Prince Charles as the future king of England. In February, the monarch delivered her Platinum Jubilee speech, per CNN, and requested that the Brits would "in the fullness of time ... give him and his wife the same support that you have given me." With the death of Prince Philip and her own health issues, it seems as if the queen may be hinting that there will be a time when she is no longer on the throne.

Analyst Jonathan Sacerdoti told the Mirror that Charles is also preparing for his ascension to the throne. Sacerdoti noted that if Charles were to "slim down the working royals," it would be a "handy way to respond" to crises. If there are fewer royals in the spotlight, there would be less focus on other members and scandals linked to them.

Prince William will be the heir to the throne once Charles takes the throne, and is already keen to make some changes. Per Us Weekly, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were left reeling after their Caribbean tour. After witnessing the protests against the British monarchy, they want "what is right for the [Caribbean] people." Apparently, they "organized a meeting ... and will put their point across even if it means being at odds with The Firm." And with Charles and William at the helm, what future do they see for Andrew within the monarchy? The Mirror reports that father and son's feelings are clear.

Charles and William 'totally opposed' to Andrew at Platinum Jubilee

Prince Andrew supported Queen Elizabeth at Prince Philip's memorial service on March 29. Sky News reported that they arrived in the limousine together, and he supported his mother as she entered Westminster Abbey. Andrew's presence at the queen's side came as a surprise since Buckingham Palace stated that "the Duke of York will continue not to undertake any public duties ..." 

In February, Andrew ended the Virginia Giuffre civil suit by paying her an undisclosed amount of money, per The Guardian. The out-of-court settlement was not an admission of any wrongdoing, liability, or guilt. However, he is still the least popular royal with a rating of 12%, per YouGovTown & Country also noted that Andrew has damaged the reputation of the royals. 

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Prince Charles and Prince William would like to distance Andrew from the monarchy. Per the Mirror, royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams claims that Andrew will not play a role in the future monarchy, even though he featured prominently in Prince Philip's memorial service. Fitzwilliams also said, "Prince Charles and William will be totally opposed" to Andrew taking part in the queen's Platinum Jubilee celebration. Apparently, it's such a foregone conclusion that Andrew won't feature in the summer event that "it's a non-starter" as far as William and Charles are concerned. This sentiment seems to correspond with The Sun reporting, "Charles wants Andrew out of the line of sight and out of the picture."