How Drew Barrymore Made Joanna Gaines' Celebrity Crush Dreams Come True

Joanna Gaines is one of the most famous figures in the home-renovation industry, and there's no doubt that she's the pioneer behind the shiplap trend. From her, fans learned that when in doubt, shiplap it out. Joanna and her husband, Chip Gaines, appeared on the HGTV hit "Fixer Upper" for several seasons before surprising fans and sharing that they would be moving on from the show that made them famous. It broke hearts at first, but luckily, they didn't stay away from the spotlight for two long, recently pairing up with Discovery to launch their own network.

Joanna also regularly keeps fans updated on many of her projects and shares plenty of glimpses into her family life on Instagram. Her youngest son, Crew Gaines, is one of the most frequent fixtures on her page, and fans go wild for any post that features the pint-sized Gaines family member. Little Crew seems to be following in his parents' footsteps and has a big passion in his life — but instead of home reno, it's plants. "Before the sun sets, he tells his little plants good night and to not let the (bed) bugs bite!" Joanna wrote in March. She accompanied the caption with an adorable video of Crew making his rounds to say hello to the plants.

While Joanna seems to reserve Instagram for business and family, there seems to be no topic that's off-limits during talk show appearances, including celebrity crushes. And you'll never guess who the DIY guru just admitted to crushing on.

Joanna Gaines got a special message from her longtime crush

Drew Barrymore and Joanna Gaines happen to have the same celebrity crush, and it's not who you would expect. During an appearance on Barrymore's self-titled show, she and Joanna talked about how they both have been crushing hard on David Letterman. Joanna confessed that on just her third date with her husband Chip Gaines, she revealed how much she liked Letterman. Barrymore asked Joanna if she had ever met Letterman, to which she replied that she hadn't, and she didn't even think that he would know who she was.

Well, cue the dramatic music because Barrymore had the surprise of a lifetime for Joanna. She played a video clip with a white-bearded Letterman saying hello to one of his biggest fans. "Joanna, woah, I am overwhelmed by your interest and attention in what I used to refer to as a career," he said. "And thanks for watching me; you'd probably be the only one." Letterman joked that he would rather be in Texas with Barrymore and Joanna instead of the snowy weather, adding that he hoped to meet the "Fixer Upper" star in person one day.

Joanna also mentioned her crush on Instagram in 2019, per People, as she shared a photo of Letterman on a shelf. "True story, when Chip and I were dating, he asked me who my celebrity crush was," Gaines wrote on her Instagram page. "I quickly answered and said @letterman. This story justifies taking this picture for sure." Hopefully the in-person meeting will happen one day soon!