Pamela Anderson Reveals How She Completely Changed Her Life For The Better

Once upon a time, Pamela Anderson was everywhere. Back in the '90s, the former "Baywatch" star was a mainstay in the headlines, largely because of her status as a sex symbol (she currently holds the record of having the most Playboy covers), her relationships, and her infamous sex tape with ex-husband Tommy Lee, which was the main subject of the recently-released limited Hulu series, "Pam & Tommy." But after the video made rounds, her career was compromised, and she had a hard time continuing her career as an actor.

Anderson also had to suffer through highly-publicized breakups, which tainted her reputation further. It didn't help that she had quite a few run-ins with the law, too, including the IRS, which came after her for being tax delinquent. Fast-forward to today, and Anderson is making an effort to turn her life around and rebuild her career. Speaking with "The View," the star spilled the secrets about how she managed to change her life.

Pamela Anderson said she finally learned how to be herself

Pamela Anderson is dominating Broadway very soon as she's gearing up to play Roxie Hart in "Chicago." In her preparation for the role, she revealed that she started gaining confidence in herself, and with that, she noticed that "other people start[ed] believing in" her, too.

In an interview with "The View," the actor said that she always had to hide behind a "persona," but she has since learned how to embrace her true self. "I like to take on a persona, that's what I do. Your body positions, you also just become something else. You become more of yourself. One thing that really helped me lately is I realized I've always been willing to change," she shared. "But now I realize I need to be more of me. I thought that was really proud of me to know that. When you believe in yourself, others start believing in you too." She added, "It's a cliche thing to say, but as soon as I decided I'm good enough, then all of a sudden this stuff just started happening."

Never in Anderson's wildest dreams did she expect to go from "Baywatch" to Broadway, but now that she's here, she can't think of doing anything else. Speaking with People, she said that she's ready to give this opportunity her all. "I have nothing to lose. I've got nothing to live up to and I've got nothing to lose. I'm going crazy," she dished. "This is the beginning of the rest of my career — maybe."