How Pamela Anderson Is Regaining Control In Her Life

Pamela Anderson is by far one of the biggest stars in the entertainment world, if not also a household name all around the world. Thanks to her "Baywatch" fame and all of the headlines she's made over the years, she's even become a Gen Z fashion icon, per The Guardian. While her tumultuous love life and her multiple marriages have gotten her a lot of attention over the years, Anderson said that she's managed to change her life for the better. While on "The View" on April 5, Anderson admitted that for years she pretended to be the person that the public wanted to see from her. "I like to take on a persona, that's what I do. Your body positions, you also just become something else. You become more of yourself. One thing that really helped me lately is I realized I've always been willing to change," she said.

However, now that Anderson has taken on a new role in her life, she's letting go of her public persona while also regaining control.

Pamela Anderson is about to show off a different side

Pamela Anderson is set to take the stage as Roxy Hart in "Chicago" on Broadway and through this new role, she's ready to shine in the spotlight again. In a new interview with CNN, Anderson said that her Broadway debut and her upcoming Netflix documentary are helping her reclaim her legacy. "When I was a lot younger, I took my power back in certain situations, and it feels the same way [now]," she said. Anderson admitted that her Broadway role makes her feel very excited about the future and, more importantly, about herself. She said, "It feels like another step closer to taking my power back and really taking it back. It's very empowering. And it does feel I'm being supported. I'm being rooted for, that's a new feeling for me. I don't want to let anybody down, but I also really don't want to let myself down."

While on "Good Morning America" on March 23, Anderson even said that she's been surprising herself with all of the singing and dancing she's been doing behind the scenes in preparation for "Chicago." She said, "Maybe you don't know what you're capable of until you try it." In other words, it sounds like the Anderson that we are about to see is a different one that we've never seen before.