Moriah Plath Sets The Record Straight On Those Engagement Rumors

Moriah Plath wants to make it clear that she's not engaged.

It wasn't too long ago when the "Welcome to Plathville" star parted ways with her long-term boyfriend Max Kallschmidt. The two had been mum about their split for months and simply chose to stop interacting on social media. But fans quickly noticed, leading Kallschmidt to confirm the news that they had indeed broken up via a YouTube video.

Meanwhile, Plath has been focusing on her music career, and while she hasn't directly addressed the split, she may have indirectly confirmed it via her first single, titled "Missed Myself." The lyrics goes, "Like heavy chains pulling me / I let you get the best of me / But that won't mean / You can control who I'll be," per People. "Here's to reservations I made / With my new therapist / Moving on with my life / Now I'm just killing it." It appears as though the reality star is better off single — but the ring on her finger led fans to think otherwise.

Moriah Plath confirms she's not engaged despite rocking a massive diamond ring

Moriah Plath's now living her best life, as is evident in her recent posts sharing her latest travels. She also posted a picture of herself holding her passport, which may indicate that she's heading off on an adventure elsewhere. But fans quickly spotted the massive diamond ring she was wearing in the picture, causing them to question if she's back together with Max Kallschmidt and tying the knot soon.

Luckily, Plath had the foresight to debunk the rumors even before they blew up. In the caption, she clarified that the ring she's wearing is not from a lover at all. "[T]hat's not an engagement ring, that's my never give up on my dreams ring," she wrote. That didn't stop fans from wondering about her relationship status anyway. "Will we find out if Max is still in the picture?" one wrote. "Is Max still in your life?" asked another.

Plath didn't address the comments, but if her 2022 New Year post was any indication, it's that she's spending the year working on herself. "Here's to walking into 2022 with no expectations," she wrote. "I simply just want to be happy with whatever life brings, don't fight it, embrace it!"