Jodie Sweetin's Daughter Is Her Twin

"Fuller House" star Jodie Sweetin is not only a well-loved television and film actor, but also a devoted mom. Sweetin has two daughters named Zoie and Beatrix from her previous marriages, per The U.S. Sun. While she was a guest on the "Allison Interviews" podcast with journalist Allison Kugel in 2021, Sweetin opened up about the traits her children possess that she admires most. "My girls have good boundaries and stand up for themselves and speak their mind," Sweetin said. Like many other parents, the actor has navigated the best way to raise her famliy in order to help her kids thrive.

In 2021, Sweetin told Yahoo! Life how, although her work as a child actor made her grow up fast, she's learned to take into account her children's different upbringing when raising them. "I sometimes find that I have to be a little more forgiving of them just being kids," Sweetin said. "I have had to find that middle ground of realizing that my kids aren't working actors." Her children may not have followed in her career footsteps, but a recent photo proves that one of Sweetin's daughters certainly takes after her in the looks department.

Jodie Sweetin and her daughter have fans doing double takes

'90s TV fans may be surprised to learn that former "Full House" actor Jodie Sweetin is now officially the mom to a teenager. When her daughter Zoie turned 14, Sweetin posted a series of photos on social media to celebrate the special day. "I can't tell you how PROUD I am of the young woman [Zoie] is becoming," Sweetin wrote in the Instagram post. "She is helpful, kind, hilarious, generous, a good friend and so much more." 

Sweetin, her daughters (Zoie and Beatrix), and Sweetin's parents were in the photos she posted. These pictures showed that Sweetin and Zoie bear a strong resemblance to one another, and followers couldn't help but address this in their birthday messages. "She looks just like you! ... happy birthday to your sweet daughter," one Instagram user wrote. "Wowza they look like their mama! So adorbs," another wrote

In addition, Sweetin posted a selfie with Zoie during a pre-birthday outing on April 11 in which they also looked like twins. "Reminds me of [celebrating] with my mom when I was [Zoie's] age ... it just goes by so quickly," she captioned the photo. With her mini-doppelgängers growing up fast, Sweetin has plenty of advice to share with them. 

Jodie Sweetin talks about social media with her kids

Raising children in the digital era can be a tricky landscape to navigate, but Jodie Sweetin is facing it head-on. As her daughters get older — Zoie already in her teens — the "Fuller House" star is tackling topics like social media. During an interview with TODAY, she shared, "I have honest conversations with them about what social media really is — that it's not real ... It's edited." As an actor who has faced being in the public eye at a young age, Sweetin also has advice for what they post. She continued, "I tell my kids, 'Don't put anything on the internet that you don't want to see for the rest of your life.'"

Zoie has entered the world of Instagram, and with a watchful eye from mom, seems to have parental approval. Sweetin praised her teen on what she posts and comments on the platform, telling TODAY, "I was actually really proud of her."

When it comes to standing up for personal boundaries, Sweetin has shared that her oldest has always done well in speaking her mind without being "bratty." On the "Allison Interviews" podcast, she expressed being happy with how much self-expression her girls are showing, claiming that she herself didn't find that kind of confidence until her 30's. "I think young women are figuring themselves out a little bit younger," she said. Having open conversations has definitely shaped Sweetin's view of parenting.

Jodie Sweetin doesn't hide her past from her daughters

Jodie Sweetin's past struggles with drugs and alcohol have led to candid interviews about her sobriety journey. She shared on "Steve-O's Wild Ride!" podcast that she never expected making it to the age of 30 with her lifestyle. Having kids, however, drastically changed her tune. "After I had Zoie ... I was trying to get sober again," she shared. Calling it quits on partying during her pregnancy and becoming a mother was a huge shift that, as Sweetin explained, "was terrifying." Rather than keep quiet about her personal struggles, she chats freely with her daughters about difficult topics.

Sweetin wrote in her 2009 memoir "unSweetined" (via TODAY), "I'm really open with my kids, whether it be about drugs and alcohol, whether it be about sex, social media — whatever it is, they're smart. And I treat them as such." She continued, "I have to have those open conversations with them because if I don't, they're going to get misinformation somewhere else."

She is striving to set a positive example for her daughters, Zoie and Beatrix, through her recovery as well as showing what "being a good human looks like." Openly complimenting their self-expression and confidence in setting boundaries at such a young age, Sweetin comes off as one proud mom: "I have these amazing, interesting, individual, strong, fierce little women ... I hope that I am raising little social justice warriors [who] will do good in the world."