Amy Schumer Reveals Why Leonardo DiCaprio Wasn't Mad About Her Spicy Oscars Joke

Amy Schumer is one of the most popular female comics in the industry. As fans know, the "Life & Beth" star doesn't hold a lot back when she does stand up, and her Netflix stand-up "The Leather Special" is proof of that. Schumer received one of the biggest honors of her life when she was asked to host the Oscars with Regina Hall and Wanda Sykes. The three chatted with USA Today ahead of the show, and the "Trainwreck" star oozed confidence. "We'll know we left it all out on the Oscar stage and that we did it. We're going to show what three women, and two women of color, can do," she said.

However, The most talked-about moment of the evening didn't center around the hosts, but rather a presenter. Chris Rock appeared on stage to present an award but cracked a few jokes, including one about Will Smith's wife. The "King Richard" star didn't take Rock's criticism lightly, and he stormed on stage to slap Rock in the now-viral moment.

Many have weighed in on that moment, including Schumer. "I'm still in shock and stunned and sad. Im proud of myself and my cohosts," she said in a since-deleted Instagram post, per Deadline. "But yeah. Waiting for this sickening feeling to go away from what we all witnessed." While some pushed back against Schumer for saying the event "traumatized" her, there was a joke she made about Leonardo DiCaprio that really got people talking. 

Amy Schumer ran her joke by celebrities ahead of time

Amy Schumer did her homework before the 2022 Oscars. During her opening monologue and throughout the evening, Schumer poked fun at a few celebrities and she didn't hold much back. But unlike Chris Rock, she got permission from several of her peers before she burned them on stage. "I did reach out to people I was going to joke about before and make sure it was okay with them because I've been burned too many times," she said on "The Howard Stern Show."

Schumer shared that she reached out to Venus and Serena Williams, Will Smith, and Leonardo DiCaprio to run the jokes by them and get the green light to share them on stage. The star specifically talked about her chat with DiCaprio, and it's not what you'd expect. "He said, 'Go ahead.' They didn't care. ... And Cami, his girlfriend, is the s***. She's actually the coolest bi*** you'll meet." Who knew DiCaprio was so chill?

Schumer talked about DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence's film, "Don't Look Up, during the opening monologue." First, she poked fun at pal Jennifer Lawrence for gaining weight during her pregnancy before moving on to the "Titanic" star. "And I mean, Leonardo DiCaprio, what can I even say about him? He's done so much to fight climate change and leave behind a cleaner, greener planet for his girlfriends," she said, per The Hollywood Reporter. "Because he's older. And they're younger. Okay, you get it, yeah."