Robin Roberts Shares Update On Her Partner's Breast Cancer Treatments

"Good Morning America" co-anchor Robin Roberts has revealed a heartbreaking update about her partner, Amber Laign's health. However, staying true to her reputation as the eternal optimist, she delivered a message of hope alongside the news.

In early 2022, Roberts took to Twitter to announce that Laign had been diagnosed with breast cancer just months prior. In her announcement, Roberts shared that Laign had undergone surgery and would be undergoing chemotherapy in February, and that "thankfully, the prognosis is good." As "Good Morning America" fans will know, Roberts has had to deal with health scares of her own in the past, having fought breast cancer in 2007. She was also subsequently diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome, an extremely rare medical condition, which required her to receive a bone marrow transplant. Through it all, Roberts shared that her partner of 17 years had been there to support her. "It's my turn now, to be there for her," Roberts nodded, choking up.

Since making the announcement, Roberts told USA Today that Laign's diagnosis came as a shock, particularly because they had already dealt with two bouts of cancer. "I was like, 'Are you kidding me?'" she shared. However, a recent setback in Laign's journey to remission brought on a new wave of stress for the couple.

Amber Laign suffered a setback, but there's a silver lining

Nearly two months after announcing Amber Laign would begin chemotherapy treatments, Robin Roberts revealed Laign had hit a bump in the road to recovery. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Roberts shared, "She's had some complications with the chemotherapy," and needed to pause treatments. Unsurprisingly, the latest developments threw Roberts for a loop, and she has since told USA Today, "I have shed more tears and have been in a state with Amber that I wasn't with myself my two times combined."

However, Roberts has found a way to stay positive during the experience. "Cancer treatment ... it's peaks and valleys," she explained. As such, even though Laign has paused her treatments, there's a silver lining. "Thankfully, we're at a peak right now after being in a valley for a bit." As for how Roberts has been able to stay hopeful throughout the ordeal, she credits her book, "Brighter By The Day." Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, she said, "I was struggling and then I was thinking, 'Robin, you have this book. You're talking to people about their valley and how to get out of it, so why don't you just actually listen to your own words?'"

The thing that keeps her calm, however, is Laign's prognosis, which she told ET, "is still good." Well, with that and a healthy dose of optimism, we have no doubts this couple can beat this. After all, they've done it before.