Jennifer Garner Love Life Seems To Be Just As Solid As Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez's

When it comes to her love life, Jennifer Garner is usually not the kind of person who likes to flaunt it at red carpet premieres or talk about it during her interviews. However, Garner has opened up about her divorce from Ben Affleck and how it's impacted her life. In 2016, she told Vanity Fair that despite all of the heartache that their split had caused, Affleck was still her end-all, be-all. "What am I going to do about that? He's the most brilliant person in any room, the most charismatic, the most generous. He's just a complicated guy," she said. 

While both Garner and Affleck have moved on with their lives, it's Affleck who has made a huge splash in his new relationship — and now engagement — with Jennifer Lopez. In fact, the chart-topper believes that her romance with Affleck has been nothing short of "a beautiful love story." Lopez told People in February, "What I can teach my children is that real love exists. Some things can be forever, but it doesn't mean they just have a straight line." And even though everyone has been focused on the constant PDA and declarations of love between Affleck and Lopez lately, it seems like Garner's love life is just as solid, too.

Jennifer Garner is still taking things slow with John Miller

Jennifer Garner might not be making a huge splash on the red carpet with her boo like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez sometimes do, but that doesn't mean she's not celebrating things, big and small, like they do. According to Us Weekly, her relationship with boyfriend John Miller is going strong, even though they are keeping it under the radar. Garner and Miller recently hit a major milestone, as they brought their families together to help celebrate the "13 Going On 30" star's 50th birthday. "John's kids finally met Jen's kids," one source dished. "Lots of kids and family were invited, including John's kids, his parents, his brother and his [brother's] wife."

Just like Affleck and Lopez, Garner and Miller have had their breakups and make-ups. The couple had split up right before the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020 after two years of dating, per In Touch Weekly. In 2021, it was reported by People that Garner and Miller decided to give their love another chance. But judging by how long it's taken for Miller to meet Garner's kids, it's safe to say that, unlike Affleck and Lopez, they might not be rushing to the altar anytime soon.