Ben Affleck And Matt Damon Are Teaming Up Once Again

Actors and filmmakers Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are a dynamic duo who will soon join forces again for a new movie project. The two gained critical and commercial success for the first film they wrote and acted in together, "Good Will Hunting." The 1997 movie, which also featured the late Robin Williams, earned Affleck and Damon an Oscar for best original screenplay in 1998, per the Academy. It also resulted in Williams winning the award for best supporting actor.

In recent years, the pair again teamed up for the 2021 film, "The Last Duel." This was the first project they'd written together since "Good Will Hunting," and screenwriter Nicole Holofcener also came on board to pen the story with them, per IndieWire. In the nearly 25 years since their earliest joint film was released, Affleck and Damon gained skills they felt prepared them to collaborate once again. 

"Just by doing movies for 25 years and by osmosis, we figured out structure, so the process turned out to be really efficient," Damon said to Collider in October 2021. "And also, begging an incredible writer like Nicole to come help us was also a really good idea. That definitely streamlined the process." Now, Affleck and Damon will partner to make another film, with this one being a sports drama flick.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are making a film on Nike's deal with Michael Jordan

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have a new movie collaboration on the way, and this project will be unlike any other the two have tackled together before. The Hollywood Reporter reports that this next film will document real events from the life of Sonny Vaccarro, who was formerly an executive of the Nike brand. Damon will play the role of Vaccarro, and Affleck will direct and portray Nike co-founder Phil Knight as the two pen the screenplay and produce the endeavor. The movie will concentrate on Nike's efforts in securing an endorsement deal with Michael Jordan, which gave way to the worldwide prominence of both the sneaker and basketball industries.

When Damon interviewed Affleck for Entertainment Weekly in January 2022, Affleck expressed his desire to do well with every new Hollywood project he takes on."My only thing is that now I live in fear every time I do another movie, I'm like, 'Do I still feel that, am I still good?'" Affleck said before adding, "But I'm happy now ... And I do think I've gotten better. I think people generally get better with the age and experience." Affleck and Damon will be able to show off the best of their talents with this next film, which will no doubt be a must-see for fans of the duo.