Is Prince Charles Really Just Over Prince Harry's Behavior?

Could Prince Charles be done with his son Prince Harry's behavior? There's no doubting Harry has been hitting the headlines for some controversial reasons since he stepped back from the royal family in 2020. Of course, he and his wife, Meghan Markle, haven't shied away from sharing their thoughts on what life as royals was really like — which reportedly hasn't exactly sat well with the serving royals.

There have been rumors galore about where Harry really stands with his famous family, particularly in the wake of that now infamous March 2021 sit down with Oprah Winfrey. Harry and Megan made some pretty explosive remarks when they chatted with the legendary talk show host, including one particular claim that his dad and brother supposedly didn't care for. Harry told Winfrey, via Marie Claire, "My father and my brother, they are trapped. They don't get to leave. And I have huge compassion for that." Of course, it's usually royal protocol to keep private matters just that, but that hasn't stopped people from speaking out about how the two likely took the claims as well as fueling a plethora of feud rumors.

Royal biographer Robert Jobson claimed to Us Weekly's "Royally US" podcast in April that he didn't think Harry's claims were true and he "was putting words into his father and his brother's mouths," before making claiming Charles and William were "very angry about that." And now, he's doubling down on claims Charles isn't thrilled with his youngest born.

Charles' fury?

It sounds like Prince Harry may want to be a little more careful when it comes to speaking out about his family, as, according to Robert Jobson, "Prince Charles has reached the end of his tether" with his son. Jobson spoke out to GB News on April 20 as he discussed Harry's "Today" interview, as well as Harry and Megan briefly seeing Charles during a quick U.K. visit in April. "They haven't been in contact and had they started blurting about that meeting, that would have been the end of it," he said. Noting that Harry and Meghan were supposedly late to meet with Charles, Jobson also added, "Prince Charles thought if these conversations are out in public then I'm not putting up with it and he's drinking at the last chance saloon."

Daily Mail reported that the meeting supposedly only lasted 15 minutes, though a source denied things could be nearing the end for their relationship. "[Charles] loves his son and he has been broken-hearted by everything that has taken place, although he fears history repeating itself with Harry just as it did with Princess Diana. But he also wants to keep the door open and keep talking," they shared.

Harry didn't speak out about seeing his dad while speaking with "Today," but did gush about his meeting with the Queen. "It was great. It was really nice to see her. To be able to see her in some element of privacy was nice," he said.