Harry And Meghan's Rumored Secret Visit With Queen Elizabeth Is Sparking Buzz

It looks like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might have slipped in and out of the U.K. while they were on their way to the Netherlands, TMZ reported on April 14. The couple was en route to the Invictus Games, which is an international sports competition for wounded veterans founded by the Duke himself. Meghan and Harry reportedly decided to stop in the U.K. on their way to Holland in order to pay a visit to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles.

This marks the first time the couple has returned to England together since they vacated their royal positions. In the past, Harry and Meghan expressed their hesitancy to leave their new home in the United States without having a proper security detail. In fact, in February, Harry took the U.K. government to court over this issue. The security didn't stop Harry from returning to the U.K. solo for a brief appearance at an unveiling of a statue honoring his mother, Princess Diana in July 2021 — but according to TODAY, he hadn't stepped foot in England with Meghan since their big California move.

Of course, the dramatic backstory was it caught royal fans' attention — not only had the couple secretly been in London, per reports; but they were also able to keep their rumored visit on the DL beforehand!

Fans praise Meghan and Harry's secret-keeping skills

Leading up to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's departure for the Invictus Games, some members of the British media were criticizing the couple's decision to travel to this event, as Harry missed Prince Philip's memorial service on March 29.

So fans were thoroughly surprised when Harry and Meghan supposedly managed to make it in and out of the U.K. for their rendezvous with Queen Elizabeth without the press being none the wiser. "Harry and Meghan don't come to play. Their game is tight," one fan noted on Twitter. "This is exactly what I expected them to do and I'm happy," another fan praised. "Move in silence, tell the old granny to keep it a secret until they reveal it themselves because they knew the palace staff would leak it."

Fans of the royal family have long suspected the the royal family leaks certain information to the press — but it seems the couple was able to keep the rumored visit to themselves. Maybe one day in the future Harry and Meghan won't have to be so secretive about their plans, but that day is certainly not now.