Prince Harry's Reaction To A Joke About His Obvious Balding Says It All

Prince Harry seems to be acutely aware that he doesn't have a head full of hair. Hair loss appears to run in the royal family, as evidenced by the late Prince Philip, Prince William, and Prince Charles' thinning locks — or lack thereof. At only 37 years old, Prince Harry is the latest member of the royal clan to be a victim of male pattern baldness, with tabloids noting that his bald patch has significantly grown in size in recent years. It was even reported that he attempted to do something about it, having paid a visit to a prestigious hair-loss clinic.

In 2020, The Sun reported that Harry went to the Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinic in London, to presumably consult about the state of his thinning hair. "Harry's visit caused a real stir," a source dished. "This company is so prestigious. It's one of the best places in the world. It's got a whole range of different treatment plans. The richest, most famous and well-connected use it. The meeting with Harry went well."

But fast-forward to today, it looks like the Duke of Sussex has accepted that he will grow bald in the foreseeable future, to the point that he's now making jokes about it.

Prince Harry jokes he's 'doomed' to be bald

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle starred on a Time 100 cover in 2021, many wondered if he got a hair transplant, since he had a full head of hair in the photo. But a celebrity stylist told the Daily Mail it's likely thanks to the work of a graphic artist. "It seems to look like Prince Harry's hair is fuller in the TIME picture and it would not surprise me if clever retouching skills helped play a part in defining his hair line and given him a fuller body of hair to match Meghan's," they said.

Harry doesn't talk about his hair much, but while promoting the Invictus Games on a Dutch TV show, he laughed about how he's already balding, per People. When athlete Bart van der Burg shared he had some makeup applied to his forehead, Harry quipped, "You've got a lot more to be done there." Another guest chimed in saying that it "won't take a long time" before the royal sports a completely bald head, to which Harry responded, "But you're slower than me. I'm already ... I'm doomed."

Harry may be losing his hair, but he does love his ginger locks. In 2019, he briefly bonded with a fellow redhead, a little girl named Eliza. She had a sign, "Ginger unite – I love you Harry," and the royal took notice. He gave her a hug and reportedly responded, "I love this! Do you love your hair, the sign is amazing!" Everyone will miss Harry's ginger head, for sure!