Who Is Thandiwe Newton's Rumored New Man, Lonr?

Shortly after making headlines for leaving the production of "Magic Mike 3," Thandiwe Newton was rumored to have split with husband Ol Parker after 24 years of marriage. Reportedly, the actor's decision to leave the sequel was related to her marital issues. "There is a lot going on in her personal life, she and her husband have separated," a source told Page Six on April 14. In fact, the "West World" actor's team wanted her to enter a rehab facility to work on her mental wellness during the stressful separation. "She was supposed to leave immediately for a facility, they tried for a Malibu rehab, but they couldn't take her," the insider added.

Newton and Parker had not been seen in public together since mid-2020, but the director was spotted walking outside his London home on April 20. Photographers noticed Parker was not wearing his wedding ring, per The U.S. Sun. Not long after, Newton was captured with a new man in hand and without her wedding ring, too.

The "All the Old Knives" star was photographed out in Malibu alongside musician Lonr. They both rocked hoodies and dressed casual as they went on a shopping trip that included stops at six different shops, per the Daily Mail. Newton and her apparent beau packed on heavy PDA as they held hands, and each other, while they walked. Later, when they stopped to grab food, Newton and Lonr. exchanged kisses. Although the rapper is much younger than Newton, he is already a force in the music industry.

Lonr. comments on rumored Thandiwe Newton relationship

Before being spotted kissing Thandiwe Newton on a shopping trip, Lonr. — whose real name is Elijah Dias — provided a comment about his rumored relationship with the actor. Dias, who is more than 25 years younger than Newton, praised the "Rock N' Rolla" actor's commitment to her family. "From the relatively short time I've been fortunate to spend with her, I know Thandiwe and Oliver care deeply about the welfare of their children. That's all I care about right now," the musician told The Post (via Page Six) on April 20.

Dias' stage name is an acronym for the "Land of Nothing Real." The rapper and songwriter collaborated with R&B sensation H.E.R. on multiple projects, which earned him two Grammy nominations by 2019. It is important for the "Rent Free" singer to connect with his listeners. "Most of all, I hope they resonate with me and feel like they're being heard and not so alone in this world," he told The Hype Magazine in 2019. The Lonr. nickname was inspired by a disjointed childhood that saw the artist move around a lot. "Being in that environment as a kid, it was a foundation of my creativity," he told Flaunt in 2020.

Perhaps the "Cuffin" artist is not as well-known as his rumored girlfriend, Newton, but he hopes to change that. "I was definitely grateful, but I have plans for taking over the world so it didn't quite feed my hunger just yet," he told Wonderland in 2021 while discussing his Grammy nominations.