Ireland Baldwin Reveals How Her Dad Alec Is Really Doing After The Rust Shooting

Alec Baldwin hasn't spoken much publicly about his own feelings after he was holding the gun that accidentally discharged, killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the movie set of "Rust." Alec's oldest daughter Ireland Baldwin, however, has lately been much more open with the public on her social media and in interviews. In an appearance on "Red Table Talk" on Facebook Live, Ireland spoke pretty candidly about how her dad is actually doing these days since the tragedy. 

Alec has, of course, spoken about the shooting on occasion. In one video posted to his Instagram in December 2021, the actor said that, "Of course, for everyone who's involved in this, it's never going to be behind us because somebody died so tragically," adding that "not a day goes by I don't think of that." From a legal standpoint, Alec has maintained that he was not responsible, fighting back against the wrongful death lawsuit the Hutchins family has filed against him, according to Rolling Stone

Ireland Baldwin said her dad has suffered tremendously

Speaking to Willow and Jada Pinkett Smith on "Red Table Talk" in late April, Ireland Baldwin said that she knows her dad Alec Baldwin is still struggling after the "Rust" tragedy. "It's so heartbreaking," she said (via New York Post). "My dad is suffering tremendously and I love him and I can't imagine what he feels like and what's running through his head but the entire situation is just so devastating." 

Ireland said of her own state of mind after the tragedy, "I was more angry, like at people's responses ... I was in full defense mode." The model feeling defensive was understandable, given the widespread backlash. (Donald Trump Jr. was among those to criticize Alec publicly, for example. Meanwhile, George Clooney's reaction even prompted a response from Alec.)

We've come to expect that kind of no-holds-barred public response from Ireland. In the same interview, she opened up about her past eating disorder, her anxiety, and growing up with famous parents. On her social media, she's gotten real with fans, followers, and trolls about her body image, getting cosmetic procedures, and her boyfriend. People are always gonna be curious, so why not give them what they're asking for, anyway?