Hilaria Baldwin Shares A Sad Update About One Of Her Children

Hilaria Baldwin wears plenty of hats in her life, but perhaps the most important one is that of a mother. The yoga instructor was thrust into the spotlight when she married actor Alec Baldwin in 2012. Not too long after the couple began to grow their family, welcoming daughter Carmen in 2014. The couple is currently expecting their seventh child together and is already proud parents to Carmen, María Lucía, Rafael, Leonardo, Romeo, and Eduardo. Hilaria frequently shares images and videos of her brood on social media, including some with her husband, Alec.

As a proud mother, Hilaria even paid tribute to all the important women in her life for Mother's Day last year. "I love you all, from my babies to my mama to my grandmothers that have passed, my mother in law, my honorary mamas, my aunts, and my tias, my cuñada and my sister-in-laws, my nieces, my girlfriend mamas, all of you amazing mothers who have built this community here with me," she wrote on the post. Hilaria also plays the role of stepmom to Ireland Baldwin, whom Alec shares with Kim Basinger. "I love my stepdaughter as much as I love my biological children, and I become a mommy lioness when I see comments that insinuate otherwise," the mama bear once explained on Instagram.

There's no doubt that it can be hard being a parent — and one of the most challenging things that parents can go through is an injury. 

Hilaria Baldwin explains how her son broke his arm

One of Hilaria Baldwin's kiddos is on the mend. In late April, the star took to Instagram to share a carousel of photos of her son, Rafael, who recently suffered a bad injury. In the first image, Rafa sat on father Alec Baldwin's lap and wore his right arm in a sling. "Rafa broke his arm really badly yesterday, playing at the park. You will see him with a cast for quite a while now, so I wanted to give you a heads up," Hilaria explained. The remaining photos showed Rafael in the hospital, while the last shot captured him showing off his cast to his siblings.

The mother-of-six made sure to thank the doctors and nurses who helped her son. "This is a part of being a parent that is so heartbreaking," Hilaria added. The yogi explained that she was not with Rafael when the accident happened, but she received the type of call "that makes your heart sink." She further added, "We are relieved that, while it will be a long recovery road, he is certainly on it."

This is not the first time Hilaria and Alec have faced heartbreak surrounding their children. In November 2019, Hilaria shared devastating news. "We are very sad to share that today we learned that our baby passed away at 4 months," she wrote, noting that the family was "not ok right now," but "we will be."