Blac Chyna's Mother Wants To Completely Flip The Conversation About Her Daughter

Blac Chyna's mom, Tokyo Toni, is attempting to change the narrative when it comes to her daughter. Chyna's life was put under the microscope when she took on the Kardashian family in court in April after suggesting the famous family were the reason her reality show with Rob Kardashian, "Rob & Chyna," was pulled by E!.

There have been some serious developments as the court case dove into the private lives of Chyna and the famous family, including revelations that Chyna once held a gun to Rob's head. Chyna claimed in court that the gun was not loaded, per BuzzFeed News, recalling, "I'm being funny like, 'If he ever leaves me, I'll get him.'" She also opened up about how she once "jokingly" put a phone cord around Rob's neck, but "not to strangle him."

The Kardashians and Jenners have been present at several hearings amid the trial (remember that infamous court drawing of Kim Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Kris Jenner?), with Kylie even taking to the stand. "I remember one time I woke up to some texts from Chyna, some threatening texts," she shared of her experience with her half-brother's former fiancée, per Rolling Stone. "From what I remember, she sent me a bunch of devil emojis and said something along the lines of like, 'counting down the days' to either beat me, or, I don't know exactly what she meant." Well, now, it looks like Toni is ready to hit back at the Kardashian clan.

A mother's defense

Tokyo Toni is coming to the defense of her daughter, Blac Chyna, after amid speculation she could have a violent nature. Toni vehemently denied that claim to a TMZ paparazzo on April 27, hitting back, "She is not violent. Chyna is soft." She then claimed it was the Kardashians who are the violent ones, calling them "the most violent people," and claiming, "we can watch their show and see that." When asked which of the Kardashian clan she was referring to, Chyna's mom said, "Any of them. All of them," saying she thought they were disrespectful to Kris Jenner multiple times on "Keeping up with the Kardashians" over the years. "They have me and her like we're these crazy people, no we're just standing up for our rights. Doing what we're supposed to do as real people. It has nothing to do with race, color. None of that. It's what's right," she added.

While Chyna and the Kardashians have been the focus of the ongoing trial, it's safe to say Toni has gotten her fair share of attention, too. Toni was actually banned from the courtroom after she called out the Kardashians via social media over their courtroom appearance, per Page Six. She then slammed the judge on Instagram Live, saying, via TMZ, "Oh, I can't wait. I'm gonna get that judge. Never mind."

Well, we can't say this group doesn't know how to keep us on our toes.