How Dave Coulier Ended Up Knocked Out At John Stamos' Wedding

Dave Coulier and John Stamos' friendship spans over three decades, starting from when they met on set in 1987. Coulier and Stamos both starred in the popular ABC sitcom "Full House" – playing Joey Gladstone and Uncle Jesse Katsopolis, respectively. They reunited for the 2016 reboot, "Fuller House," which Stamos executive produced.

The "Full House" cast was super close. However, Stamos and Coulier — along with Bob Saget, who died in January 2022 — were incredibly tight. Per Enstars, the acting amigos were very public about their three-way bromance, regularly trading barbs, quips, and sweet messages on Twitter. Coulier was also close to all of the Stamos family. "I was very close to John's dad, Bill; we were golf buddies. We shared a ton of laughs together while he was still alive," he told People shortly after Stamos became a father, commenting that his buddy was "going to be an incredible dad." 

Not surprisingly, Coulier was front and center, along with the rest of the "Full House" cast, when Stamos married Rebecca Romijn in 1998. However, at some point during the festivities, Coulier was flat on his back after being knocked out. Usually, it's some feuding uncles or drunken in-laws battling it out at weddings -– not a nice guy actor and a drug-fueled drummer. Sadly, for Coulier, that was the situation he found himself in, though, after he tried to play peacemaker. Here's how Dave Coulier ended up knocked out at John Stamos' wedding.

Dave Coulier tried to play peacemaker for Matt Sorum

It was Matt Sorum's fault that Dave Coulier ended up knocked out at John Stamos' wedding. The Guns N' Roses drummer wrote about the incident in his upcoming autobiography, "Double Talkin' Jive." He explained that Coulier invited the newlyweds and some guests back to his pad following the wedding reception at the Beverly Hills Hotel. At the time, Sorum was dating a friend of Rebecca Romijn's, so he got to tag along as a plus-one.

The musician shared that the hard-partying kicked off with everybody throwing back shots upon arrival. "After that, we moved on to cocktails. By that point, I noticed that I couldn't find my girlfriend, so I started looking for her," Sorum wrote in the book (via Page Six). Things began going south after he discovered her "naked in the Jacuzzi with three random guys." Sorum admitted to losing his cool and smashing things up, including Coulier, when he attempted to intervene. "The guy doesn't even have time to put his hand on my shoulder before I've knocked him out," the musician boasted.

The party was over for Sorum, who ended up in the drunk tank. Sadly, the party was over for Stamos and Romijn, too, after just a few years. They "amicably" split in April 2004 after five years of marriage, and Stamos filed for divorce four months later. In an interview with People, he joked that the divorce had been the scariest moment of his life. Stamos and Romijn have both since remarried other people.