Here's What Christina Haack Looks Like Without Makeup

You may know her better as Christina El Moussa or Christina Anstead, but one thing's for certain; Christina Haack is stunning. The former "Flip or Flop" star is almost as famous for her glam and stylish look as she is for her impeccable ability to flip a home, and fans all over the world have tried to recreate her style in the form of fashion finds and makeup tutorials.

But while Haack may seem like she's a total girly girl on the surface, it turns out she's actually not the biggest fan of getting all made up. During an 2018 Instagram Live with her makeup artist and hair stylist, Shannon Rhodes, Rhodes confessed, per Country Living, "You may not believe this, but Christina is the most low-maintenance person. When we go on trips, I have to force her to put on makeup in public." She also revealed how Haack keeps her skin so glowing to go under that makeup she's urged to wear, revealing that the reality star uses a cleanser with antioxidants as well as a Clarisonic, while swearing by moisturizer containing SPF. But now we know how well she takes care of her skin to keep the blemishes away, what does she actually look like under the cosmetics?

Christina Haack's skin is glowing

Christina Haack has proven she's a natural beauty on multiple occasions, fairly regularly showing off what she looks like without makeup during Instagram Live videos. The star has shot multiple Lives with Shannon Rhodes over the years, which show the two chatting while the latter does the former's makeup using her Pink Dust Cosmetics line. We also know exactly what products Haack uses every day from the collection, with Pink Dust Cosmetics listing a few of her very favorite products, including lip gloss and highlighter to achieve that glow.

Another video shared to Pink Dust Cosmetics' YouTube shows the "Christina on the Coast" star getting all made up to show off an everyday smokey eye in quick time, while a third video initially shot as an Instagram Live and later reshared to YouTube shows the two chatting about life. In that clip, Rhodes revealed some of her major cosmetics secrets with one of her biggest tips to recreating Haack's look being using brown eyeliner instead of black in the waterline to keep the eyes more open.

Christina Haack's no-makeup photos

It's not just when she's getting her makeup done that Christina Haack shows off her confidence without the cosmetics. During her relationship with her now former husband, Ant Anstead, the two appeared to enjoy a cozy makeup-free date night as they posted all the proof to Instagram. The 2020 snap, which has since been deleted, showed the beauty cuddling up to the Brit as her bare skin glowed and she flashed a big smile. Haack even admitted during a 2018 Instagram Live makeup session that Anstead liked her without makeup or wearing a smokey eye, per Country Living, to which her now ex commented on the feed, "Love you in and out of makeup."

But that wasn't the only time we've gotten a glimpse at her blemish-free complexion on the gram. In August 2020, Haack appeared to ditch the cosmetics again for a bare-faced selfie as she lounged around in what appeared to be a black sweater. The real estate mogul gave the camera a stern look as she captioned the filtered social media snap, "Everything > Indifference." Though the caption was a little cryptic, there's no doubting Haack is a beauty with or without makeup.