Sam Hunt's Pregnant Wife Officially Changes Her Tune On Divorce

Seriously, what the heck is going on with Sam Hunt and Hannah Lee Fowler's divorce? This split has been a rollercoaster right from the start after it was revealed in February that a pregnant Fowler had filed for divorce from Hunt. People reported that Fowler had accused Hunt of infidelity within their marriage and claimed in court documents "that all hopes of reconciliation are exhausted." She also requested alimony, child support, and to get primary custody of their unborn baby, with the documents confirming their child is due in May. The couple had not previously announced they were expecting before their divorce became public news.

Things then got a little confusing when numerous outlets reported that Fowler had called off the divorce mere hours after initially filing. Us Weekly confirmed that she had officially withdrawn the filing, but it turned out it was all for good reason. All that drama was actually just a false alarm, as Fowler actually then refiled shortly after and it was revealed that she'd initially submitted the legal papers in the wrong Tennessee county.

But get ready for yet another twist in the Hunt and Fowler divorce saga, as things just took another dramatic turn that's surely worthy of a country song.

Are Sam Hunt and Hannah Lee Fowler getting a divorce?

Well, it looks like the answer to that is no. Despite technically filing for divorce twice, it appears Hannah Lee Fowler and Sam Hunt are officially back on and the D.I.V.O.R.C.E. is off. Fowler reportedly asked the court in April for her filing to be dismissed, according to TMZ, and her request was officially granted in May. That means Fowler is no longer planning to divorce the country star and it looks like the two are back together as they prepare to become parents. Hunt has even reportedly been wearing his wedding ring again amid the reconciliation rumors.

Hunt doesn't appear to have addressed his relationship drama on social media, though the last time Fowler featured on her man's Instagram grid was back in April 2021 when he shared two photos taken several years apart in celebration of their anniversary. "How it started. How [it's] going. Happy Anniversary!" he captioned the snap, after which several fans shared their outspoken thoughts on his relationship drama in the comments section after the initial divorce news made the headlines. Hunt and Fowler married in 2017 in a small ceremony in Georgia, mere weeks after he popped the question