What We Know About Justin Timberlake Unexpected Appearance In Jessica Biel's New Show

Jessica Biel's latest acting role is one that included collaborating with her hubby, Justin Timberlake. In the Hulu series "Candy," Biel stars as Candy Montgomery, a real-life person who murdered fellow housewife Betty Gore in 1980, per Texas Monthly. After having gone through an extensive hair and makeup transformation, Biel is nearly unrecognizable as she portrays Montgomery. She opened up about this experience to Extra TV in April, saying, "I just find the ability to transform in that way ... to be such a supportive part of the process. It's so fun when you don't recognize yourself, and I really didn't every morning [on set]."

Biel was supported by Timberlake as the two stepped out together for the "Candy" premiere this week, Entertainment Tonight reported. "It's always fun to celebrate something that you're proud of, and to do it with [Timberlake] and have a glass of wine — it feels special, it does," Biel said at the event. Timberlake not only stood by Biel's side as the show debuted, but before this occasion, he made his way on set and took on a role in "Candy."

Justin Timberlake plays a deputy in two Candy episodes

In the new Hulu thriller show, "Candy," Jessica Biel stars in the titular role, while Justin Timberlake has surprised viewers by appearing in a supporting part. As E! News reported, Timberlake portrays Deputy Steven Deffibaugh in the series. Timberlake's character and another officer portrayed by actor Jason Ritter together serve as the investigators of the murder of Betty Gore. 

Biel told Entertainment Tonight that Timberlake was reading her scripts from the show when he inquired about who would be playing Deffibaugh. In response, Biel, who executive produced "Candy," told Timberlake, "Oh, I don't know, probably somebody local. We don't have any money left.'" After hearing this, the singer told his wife that he wanted to carry out the part. As Biel revealed to Entertainment Weekly, Timberlake wasn't concerned about receiving funds for his acting services. "We told [Timberlake], 'We can't pay you,' and he goes, 'I don't care about getting paid. I just want you to pay for my wig and I want my prosthetic belly,'" Biel said. "We were like, 'That we can do.'"

Fans looking for Timberlake's cameo can expect to see his character in the "Candy" episodes airing on May 12 and May 13, per Us Weekly. But in the meantime, the photo above that Timberlake shared on Instagram gives a sneak peek of the couple's retro looks.