Kylie Jenner Updates Fans About Her Struggles After Welcoming Son

Kylie Jenner loves being a mother. "Motherhood really feels like something I was always meant to do," she told Elle in September, shortly after Jenner announced she was pregnant with her second child with Travis Scott. The entrepreneur and reality star first added "mommy" to her list of titles on February 1, 2018, when Jenner and Scott welcomed Stormi. "Watching Stormi experience everything for the first time has been the best part of these last few years," she told Elle.

Jenner was just 20 when Stormi was born, making her the youngest Kardashian-Jenner to have a child. That was part of her plan. "It's genuinely what I wanted... to be a young mom," she told Paper in 2019. "I thought, 'This I what I want to do, and if people accept it or don't accept it then I'm okay with every outcome.'" On February 2, the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" alum added a son to the brood. While she was ultra-secretive about her first pregnancy, Jenner has been more forthcoming about it her second time around.

And that includes the so-called fourth trimester. Jenner's postpartum journey hasn't been easy. In April, she revealed she gained 60 pounds during pregnancy and was having a hard time losing it. "Down 40lbs. Just trying to be healthy and patient. Walking/pilates is my favorite combo," she said in an Instagram Story (via the Daily Mail). A month later, Jenner is giving her fans an update on how she's feeling.

Kylie Jenner is starting to feel like herself again

Three months after welcoming her second child, Kylie Jenner is finally starting to return to her old self. Jenner took to TikTok on May 12 to upload a current selfie video with audio from a 2017 episode (via Elle) of her one-season E! reality show "The Life of Kylie" superimposed over it. "Dude, I'm getting my personality back. I'm feeling like myself again," Jenner mouthed over the sound bite. In the caption, Jenner noted how her old words fit her new reality like a glove. "When your postpartum hormones start to level out," she quipped.

Jenner has been open about her struggles after giving birth a second time. "Postpartum has not been easy," she noted on her Instagram Stories in mid-March at the six-week mark (via Page Six). "It's very hard. This experience for me, personally, has been a little harder than with my daughter." Jenner was feeling the effects all around, including on the mental, physical and spiritual levels.

The cosmetics mogul felt inclined to speak openly about her journey in an effort to shatter the often common misconception that celebrities are unaffected by pregnancy and postpartum. "It hasn't been easy for me, either," she emphasized. "It's been hard, and I just wanted to say that." On some days, Jenner struggled to muster the motivation to engage in activities she normally enjoys, and she wants everyone to know that anyway can feel that way. "It's okay not to be okay," she said.