Travis Scott's Billboard Performance Leaves Fans With More Questions Than Answers

After laying low in the months following the Astroworld tragedy, Travis Scott has finally made a proper comeback at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards — but fans are not too pleased.

Over the past few months, the "Sicko Mode" rapper has slowly been trying to get back onstage by performing at a string of events, including a Coachella afterparty and the Miami Grand Prix weekend. The BBMAs marks the first time he's appearing on national television, and he has Sean Diddy Combs to thank. "For the Billboard Music Awards this Sunday I made a request, I made a demand. I said, 'My brother Travis Scott has to perform. I'm executive producing, he has to perform,'" Diddy said in an Instagram video. In an interview with REVOLT Black News, Diddy also expressed his wish for fans to accept Scott again. "I am uncanceling the canceled," he said. "Love is about forgiveness... so that was why it was important for me to have Travis Scott perform. It's going to be a great night."

Many fans expressed excitement about Scott's comeback after an indefinite hiatus, but come performance time, they also shared that they felt it was anticlimactic.

Fans expressed disappointment over Travis Scott's Billboard performance

Expectations were high for Travis Scott's first televised performance in what seemed like forever (at least for fans), but suffice to say, not everyone was happy with what they witnessed. The rapper performed his new track, "Mafia," complete with an elaborate stage and backup dancers. But, following the performance, fans took to Twitter to share their dissatisfaction.

"Girl that performance was godawful...Travis need to go back into exile immediately lmaoooooo," one fan tweeted. "I don't know what that Travis Scott performance was. ?? The song didn't hit like I thought it would smh," noted another. Others also pointed out how the performance did not appear as though it was performed live. "Why is Travis' performance looking pre recorded? This is dumb," a fan questioned. "Was he there? Seemed like a taped performance," observed another.

It may be too early to say if this performance signals Scott's official return to the spotlight, but in terms of making up for what happened at Astroworld, he launched the Project HEAL initiative in March. "Over the past few months I've been taking the time and space to grieve, reflect and do my part to heal my community," he wrote on Instagram. "Most importantly, I want to use my resources and platform moving forward towards actionable change." He added that the project was for creating "real solutions that make all events the safest spaces they can possibly be." He also noted that he will "always honor the victims of the Astroworld tragedy who remain in my heart forever."