Lala Kent's Ex Randall Emmett Faces New Legal Trouble

Randall Emmett, ex-fiancé of "Vanderpump Rules" star Lala Kent, is now in some hot water due to one of his business dealings. Some may call it karma; Emmett has become a villain amongst "Vanderpump Rules" fans after Kent revealed that Emmett had an affair with a younger woman the month she gave birth to her daughter, Ocean.

And it seems like Emmett's shiestiness extends to his professional life as well. Emmett is a prolific film producer with his film financing company Emmett/Furla Oasis, per Vulture. According to his IMDb, he has produced over 100 movies, including "The Irishman," 2005's "The Amityville Horror," and 2008's "Rambo."

But the first sign that something was up was when TMZ reported that Emmett had put his over $6 million home up for sale. A source told TMZ that Emmett listed the house in order to look for an upgrade for his family. But, it looks like Emmett is in more financial trouble than he is letting on.

Randall Emmett keeps getting sued!

Remember that film financing company Randall Emmett started? Well, Radar Online reports that Emmett, his business partner, and his production company are being sued for a whopping $10.8 million! A fellow production company, The Fyzz Facility, is alleging that they gave Emmett/Furla Oasis a $4 million loan to finance an upcoming movie called "Mexicali," which was supposed to star actor Gerard Butler. The terms of their contract stated that Emmett/Furla Oasis was required to spend the loan money only on the "Mexicali" film, but The Fyzz Facility claims that Emmett used the money to pay Butler to star in a whole other movie. This is considered a breach of contract and requires Emmett/Furla Oasis to pay back the loan money, but they have not done so.

This lawsuit is certainly not good for Emmett, who has also been named in several other recent legal battles. He was sued in 2020 for the failure to repay another production company for yet another film loan, per The U.S. Sun. Then, another Radar Online report shows that Emmett was sued by another production company for conspiracy to defraud. The list of Emmett's lawsuits goes on and on and on.

In fact, Emmett used to be worth $16 million in 2019, but that amount has significantly dropped down to his current net worth of $500,000, per Celebrity Net Worth. Ay yi yi!