The Famous Reality Star Amber Heard Supposedly Turned Down

Amber Heard has become more famous for her court battles, feuds, and fights with Johnny Depp than for her acting skills. Before the two met in 2011 while filming "The Rum Diary," Heard had a list of box office hits to her name. She appeared in "Pineapple Express," "The Informers," and "Zombieland," among others. However, after filing for divorce in 2016, the actor became a tabloid headline as every salacious detail of Heard's toxic marriage was revealed.

The first court battle was Depp's defamation trial against The Sun for branding him a "wife-beater." Heard testified, detailing why she believed the tabloid hadn't libeled her ex. Now, Heard is back in court after Depp sued her personally over a 2018 op-ed she wrote for The Washington Post about being a survivor of sexual violence. Heard's love life was a focal point during both trials. She testified Depp flew into a jealous rage and threatened to chop off Elon Musk's penis after accusing her of having an affair with him. Heard started dating the billionaire after she split from Depp.

James Franco was dragged into the legal quagmire after also being accused of allegedly sleeping with Heard during her marriage. Given all the non-stop tea spilling and accusations, it's tough to keep up with the drama. It might have been easier for everyone if she'd been a fixture on "Keeping up With the Kardashians." However, that avenue was closed because of the famous reality star Heard supposedly turned down.

Amber Heard supposedly dissed The Hills' Brody Jenner

Just when you think you've heard every detail of her love life, you learn about the famous reality star Amber Heard supposedly turned down. Before she started making it in Hollywood, the up-and-coming actor allegedly shot down the advances of Kardashian step-sibling Brody Jenner. Spencer Pratt, who starred on the questionably real reality show "The Hills" with Jenner, alleges Jenner attempted to hit on Heard during a night out.

Pratt claimed she deemed Jenner too low on the industry totem pole to even consider locking lips with him. Pratt spilled the tea in an interview for Heather McDonald's "Juicy Scoop" podcast, saying they were "like, 20" when Jenner went in for the kill after spotting Heard in a club. "She just moved out here from Texas, and we're quizzing her," Pratt explained in a clip McDonald posted on her Instagram.

He said that despite Jenner busting out with his best lines, Heard turned him down flat, much to the shock of Jenner. "She's like, 'I'm already dating a famous director. I'm gonna be a movie star. I wouldn't dare go on a date [with you],'" Pratt shared. Jenner may have been down, but he wasn't out. He apparently advised Heard to book a date with someone in the medical profession. Jenner allegedly told Heard, "What you should do is get to a doctor and get that mole removed because that looks cancerous." Ouch!